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Kwaya Cellars logo and three bottles of Kwaya wine

Kwaya Cellars was born out of the longtime dream of our friend Nicky Coachman-Robinson, president of Organic Wine Cellars LLC and rep for Frey Organic Wines in the Southeast.  We were thrilled to partner with Nicky and to co-create a wine label that celebrates African culture, organic farming, and the promise of unity.

Kwaya is the Hausa word for “seed.” Hausa is one of the most common African languages and is spoken in Nigeria, Ghana, and much of North Africa. The symbol in the Kwaya logo is the Adinkra symbol for “seed.” The Assante people of Ghana use the Adinkra system to express the connection between the verbal and the visual.

Kwaya founder Nicky Coachman-Robinson has enjoyed 20 years of professional wine consulting, as well as a decade of sobriety. Five percent of all Kwaya profits will be donated to Nicky’s alma mater, Bridges of Hope.

Since time immemorial, seeds give us life, regenerate our crops, and provide the rich biodiversity inherent in organic agriculture.

Let’s grow together.

Nicky with his daughter and handling honey bees with Katrina Frey
Nicky Coachman-Robinson with his daughter and handling honeybees with Katrina Frey at Frey Vineyards, California.


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The Kwaya Organic Merlot is rich and robust with deep blackberry and plum flavors.

97 points, Double Gold, Best of Class, Best of North Coast AVA - Harvest Challenge 2020

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The Kwaya Organic Chardonnay is crisp and light with some honeyed sweetness on the finish. 

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The Kwaya Organic Sangiovese is zesty and succulent with a spicy finish.

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