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Frey Vineyards


Our Farm

Biodynamic® Farm

Animals and the Land

Sheeps eating grass in vineyardOur biodynamic farm has added new membership to its ranks over the last decade. We’ve introduced cows, goats and sheep as part of our holistic land management.

For their daily pasture during winter and spring, our animals graze in-between vineyard rows on biodynamic cover-crops. This foraging simulates a herd of animals in the wild. As the cows mow through the vineyard, they add nitrogen-laden manures to the soil. Back in the barnyard, these community members provide the manure needed for the homeopathic preparations of the biodynamic compost.

In addition to our animals contributing to the sustainability of the land, the cows and goats also provide fresh milk, soft and hard cheeses, and the occasional fermented delight of yogurt, kefir, and tara. The dairy crew delivers these goodies by foot to family members, helping foster a very local organic foods movement live-powered from the ground up! We feel blessed to have such an integration of plant and animal forces on our land today. For the latest, please visit our Farm & Garden Blog.

Frey Organic Gardens 

Person in flowers"Feasts for the eyes and food for the feasts!"

Blessed by several enthusiastic green thumbs, the Frey Ranch is dotted with gorgeous food and ornamental gardens. Before the winery was founded, Jonathan Frey met his future wife, Katrina, while apprenticing with the famed organic gardener Alan Chadwick in Covelo, California.  Upon returning to the family farm, they gathered up enthusiastic younger siblings, Matthew, Luke, Ben and established extensive vegetable gardens and fruit tree plantings that continue to be tended today.  Many of the members of the extended Frey clan are avid organic gardeners and the benefits of four decades of organic stewardship are obvious in the abundance of quality farm products, healthy people, and diversity of wildlife that grace the vineyards. 

Bordering the sloping fields of biodynamic wine grapes, our family grows blueberries, strawberries, apples, peaches, olives, melons, squash, corn, tomatoes, celery, asparagus, grains (for people and animals), culinary herbs, and more – all organic. In addition, wild-crafted foods delight our taste buds year round. Blackberries, rose hips, and wild greens form beautiful and delicious hedgerows alongside the vineyards. From adjacent forests, mushrooms, acorns, elderberries and mulberries make their way onto kitchen counters. Family members have grown buckwheat, rye, barley, and fields of wheat in the past. The production of this homegrown food bolsters the soil caliber and biodiversity of our organic estate. Be sure to check out our Farm & Garden Blog.


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