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Biodynamic Wines

Frey Biodynamic® Winemaking 
Biodynamic Winemaking & Terroir Authenticity

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The most exciting aspect of Biodynamic winemaking for us is the prohibition of cultured yeast and malolactic bacteria.  This preserves and protects the terroir (the subtle flavors of the vineyard site and vintage).  Acid and sugar adjustments are also prohibited, upholding the authenticity of the wine as a true expression of the fruit and farm.  Addition of yeast nutrients is discouraged.  Because the wines are not allowed to be manipulated to reach certain flavor profiles, each batch is specific to site and vintage.  This results in a portfolio of wines that are unique, delicious and mirror the richness and beauty of our land.

Other interesting aspects of the Biodynamic winemaking standards include composting all grape waste and using the resulting compost in the vineyards, hand harvesting fruit, and the exclusion of micro-oxygenation and pasteurization.  Box and bag distribution of wine is not allowed.  The use of enzymes and tannins during winemaking and electro dialysis for cold stabilization is also prohibited. 

Biodynamic winemaking standards advocate winemaking with no added inputs, yet sulfites are still allowed as an additive.  By not adding sulfites, we go beyond the standard, believing the addition of this synthetic preservative is counterintuitive to Biodynamic principles. Inputs from outside the system should be avoided.  Grapes contain all of the natural antioxidants and phytonutrients that give wine staying power through aging in the bottle.  This has been demonstrated through 8,000 years of natural winemaking history.

“Unique to the Biodynamic method of farming is a management approach that understands a vineyard as a self-contained individuality.  It is managed as a living organism that has a scope that encompasses far beyond the details that occur within the fence lines of the operation.  Such a production method yields grapes that are very true to the living earth, the light, the warmth and the distinct archetypal rhythms that permeate and form the fruit of the vineyard.  The goal of the Demeter Wine making Standard is to allow for wines that can bring this authenticity through the wine.” 
Demeter USA Winemaking Standards.


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