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Frey Vineyards


Frey Organic Wine &

Biodynamic Wine – Testimonials

"...I love it! You can really taste the difference with organic wine and no headaches..."
Lesley K., Ketchikan, Alaska – 1/20

"I just found you all and I am IN LOVE! Your wine is so good, but the best part is that you're organic, sustainable and it's clear there is heart behind what you do. I will be sharing!"
Jessica P., USA – 1/20

"I've tried your wines and they are superb!..."
Barbara D., Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/19

"I just discovered your amazing wine..."
Holly L., Lafayette, Indiana – 12/19

"...I enjoy your wines, especially because I don’t have to worry about the sulfite levels. I remain loyal to your vineyards!"
Roberta H., Brooklyn, New York – 11/19

"I’m writing to say bravo and I love your wine! I appreciate that you label it gluten free and sulfite free..."
Chris M., Tempe, Arizona – 11/19

"...This is by far the richest, smoothest tasting Cabernet I've ever had. It is now my favorite wine!"
Sheri H., New Bern, North Carolina – 11/19

"...The fact that it does not have added sulfites makes it accessible to me. I have become allergic to sulfites..."
Julie B., USA – 11/19

"...[We] recently found your wines at whole foods. We love it..."
Jodie V., USA – 10/19

"... We really love this wine..."
Robert G., El Dorado, Kansas – 10/19

"I love your reds..."
Hope M., North Carolina – 9/19

"...Thank you for making a very nice wine..."
James K., Coppell, Texas – 9/19

"I absolutely love your Frey Organic White wine... This is the best white wine I have tasted and I like that it is all organic. Thank you for making such a great product."
Harold B., USA – 9/19

"...You are now my only go-to vineyard!"
Dixie L., Dresden, Maine – 9/19

"We live in Scotland, UK. Whilst traveling around California last year two interesting things happened. Firstly, we got engaged in Redwood National Park. Secondly, a few days later, we drank a bottle of your Cab Sauvignon. We really enjoyed and thought it would be great to drink it at our wedding..."
Mike and Frankie, Scotland, UK – 8/19

"...A wine that does not irritate me or cause heartburn. I’m buying cases. Party at my house!"
Evey B., USA – 8/19

"Thank you for making wonderful, sulfate free wine! Tastes beautifully!"
Mindy A., USA – 8/19

"...I really do appreciate your openness about the ingredients and processes used in making your wines..."
Fergie H., California, USA – 8/19

"...I had a fabulous glass of your Rosé at Cafe Flora in Seattle..."
Molly J., USA – 8/19

"My friend and I love your wines..."
Daniel B., USA – 8/19

"...I loved it because doesn't giving me headache. I cannot drink any wine that contains sulfate..."
Selena N., USA – 8/19

"This is very smooth and tasty red wine. The best organic I have ever had..."
Tim B., USA – 7/19

"Have been trying your wines and enjoy them, especially the no sulfides added feature..."
Bill G., USA – 6/19

"...thank you for making such a great wine! Affordable, organic, and most importantly tasty! From the first sip to the last..."
Charles L., USA – 6/19

"WE NEED MORE OF THIS DELICIOUS WINE ASAP!... It is scrumptious!..."
Mike K., Vacaville, California – 6/19

"...Frey is a treasure: the wines are very good and not too expensive.  At the moment I drink a Zinfandel, very good taste and very good feeling.  Frey, go on in this way!"

Chris P., Switzerland – 6/19

"...Please don’t ever stop offering this kind of wine!"
Jacqueline C., Carlisle, Pennsylvania – 6/19

"I've been drinking your wines for several years because I prefer organic no-sulfite wines, and Frey and Pacific Redwood have been among my favorites..."
Bob H., La Farge, Wisconsin – 5/19

"...I love your wine!  It’s the only one I’ve tried that doesn’t give me a headache... Thanks again for making a truly high quality product and for your fabulous customer service!"
Patrice D., Temple, Hampshire – 5/19

"I buy your wine by the case here in Illinois! Thank you!..."
Leslie D., Illinois – 5/19

"...I found a local store that offered your Cabernet Sauvignon. I have been drinking a bottle a week since."
John K., USA – 5/19

"...Every [bottle] we’ve tried is so good! Thank you!"
Debra B., USA – 5/19

"...I bought a few bottles for my wife as she wanted organic and low/no sulfites.  We got the bottles and SHE LOVES IT! Your wine is AMAZING...  look forward to drinking more Frey Wines!"
Brent G., Studio City, California – 5/19

"...Clean wine is such a blessing!...
Carole D., Virgin Islands – 5/19

"...I have been drinking your wine for years! Thank you so much for your organic wine and NO sulfates added.  It is so wonderful to have good tasting wine that I do not react to!"
Linda N., Spring Lake, Michigan – 5/19

"...Smooth and clean taste, best I have ever had.  I am hooked forever on this healthy wine.  The first taste and I knew this was special."
Alen L., USA – 5/19

"...I have purchased this wine now for over a year (probably 24 bottles) to serve EVERY meal with my family... Thank you Frey - we all thank you!  I have given many bottles as gifts and my friends have gifted their friends... There is no better acknowledgement to the quality than that!
Karen, USA – 5/19

"...I love all your wines..., very good value. Thank you so much for all your efforts."
Joey B., Taos, New Mexico – 5/19

"We tried this last night for the first time and it is so good!  Smooth, full of flavor, rich and easy to drink!  I will definitely be adding this to my next order! and recommending it to friends..."
Stephanie H., Tacoma, Washington – 4/19

"...have enjoyed all of your reds that I’ve tried so far!  Thank you!"
Mandy R., Lodi, California – 4/19

"Frey Cabernet is my favorite wine and I buy it all the time..."
Laura F., USA – 4/19

"...I must say it is the first organic wine I’ve loved! I look forward to trying others from your vineyard."
Amy K., USA – 3/19

"...I love your wines and only buy this brand..."
Kim P., USA – 4/19

"I love your wine.  I have anaphylaxis to sulphites and your wine is the best no-sulphite-added wine I have ever tasted. It makes me forget that I have an allergy.  It is also the only no-sulphite-added wine I would serve guests because it is so fantastic. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!..."
Sarah P., Vancouver, British Columbia – 4/19

"...I eat an extremely strict organic vegan diet and your wine seems like the only wine I can drink!..."
Ariel L., USA – 4/19

"I recently had to go organic per my doctor, and I love this wine!  Just right with fish, pork, or just sipping!"
Lyn S., USA – 4/19

"First wine I have ever liked..."
Lori S., Midwest City, Oklahoma – 3/19

"One of the better Zinfandels I've had... and the effort is palpable.  Beautifully done"
Rile K., USA – 3/19

"I just had this wine with my dinner at an Italian restaurant in Charleston, SC. I normally do not like Syrah wine. But this one I totally fell in love with and will remember always. I will have to buy some for myself at home..."
Betty G., Vonore, Tennessee – 3/19

"...I LOVE your Cabernet Sauvignon.  I've been bringing it to so many family and friend get-togethers that at least 5 of them will not buy anything else..."
Lois F., USA – 3/19

"...Thank you Frey for your tasty, healthy wines. You have a new loyal customer. It’s all I will be buying!"
Lee W., USA – 3/19

"What a happy wine! Makes me feel good all the way around."
B.G., USA – 3/19

"Finally, I can enjoy drinking wine!"
Veronica M., USA – 3/19

"...Thanks for making a healthy organic red wine!"
Josef M., USA – 3/19

"Love that you care about wildlife!  Your environmental practices are why I buy your wine. Thank you."
Janet T., Loomis, California – 3/19

"...They are the only wines I enjoy at home.  Thank you..."
Martha M., New York, New York – 3/19

"...My husband is Celiac and with his very strict diet he has found that only YOUR wine is he able to drink..."
Jeanne D., St. Louis, Missouri – 3/19

"...I’m a huge fan ever since my doctor first introduced me to your brand 10 years ago.  It’s the only wine I buy.  I actually paid extra and demanded that my wedding venue brought in Frey wine for our table service at my wedding..."
Joe P., Medford, Massachusetts – 3/19

"I am a huge fan of your wines and have been buying them almost exclusively for months..."
Paul F., USA – 3/19

"...I have been a loyal customer of yours for years... the only wine we drink..."
Cynthia P., Holyoke, Massachusetts – 3/19

"...I'm having a vegan wedding this summer and I love Frey Wines... the Pinot Noir is my favorite..."
Alexis Q., Poulsbo, Washington – 3/19

"...your organic Pinot Grigio... is my favorite and necessity.  I cannot tolerate the sulfates in other wines..."
Jackie F., Palm Harbor, Florida – 2/19

"I am VERY impressed with your pinot noir I recently purchased. For the price and quality, I am blown away. I do not normally reach out to any companies like this, but this time is different. Well done!"
Dan M., Westminster, Colorado – 2/19

"...a good everyday wine with the added confidence it comes quite clean!"
Anthony C., USA – 2/19

"I am a huge fan of all of your wines...  Thank you for making a great tasting organic wine!..."
Kathy F., USA – 2/19

"...I really enjoyed the wine... keep up the great work."
Albert S., USA – 2/19

"I love Frey wines.  It's fabulous that it’s a family run business and the quality is superb!..."
K.M., San Pedro, California – 1/19

"... It makes me very happy to be able to drink a wine that is grown and made the way it should be - organically. Thank you."
Tom R., USA – 1/19

"LOVE your wine and it's the only wine I will drink..."
Robin S., Los Angeles, California – 1/19

"I am not a big drinker, however, I will drink Frey Organic Wines. I do not get the headaches that I have gotten from other wines...  For a wine that is made properly, and the cost, you cannot pass this up!"
Lisa D., Ukiah, California – 12/18

"...this is an amazing wine.  It is better than any of the $25-$30 bottles I've purchased.  Thanks for keeping it affordable..."
N.K., Maui, Hawaii – 11/18

"Our go-to organic wine.  We've tried many and this is our favorite..."
M.P., USA – 11/18

"Your wine is wonderful!... I am so glad you make this because I have severe reactions to sulfites..."
Julie B., Missoiri – 11/18

"...I am sold. keep up the good work."
Donald T., Wisconsin – 11/18

"...I absolutely love your Pacific Redwood Organic Red wine, I mean love it..."
Melissa R., Eureka, California – 11/18

"Frey wines have been my California favorites for years. The wines taste great and their natural honesty and authenticity make me enjoy them even more.”
Jurriaan Kamp, founder/editor Ode Magazine, The Optimist, KAMP Solutions Activator – 10/18

"I recently tried two of your organic red wines and enjoyed them both..."
Ian H., USA – 10/18

"...Delightful, smooth and destined to be a favorite in our home."
Wendy H., Golden, Colorado – 9/18

"...It’s always so nice to find a wine I can drink!"
Katie R., USA – 9/18

"...I have been a big fan of your wine for years..."
G.S., Texas – 9/18

"I just want to thank you for making the most delicious wine.  I love love love the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon..."
Kirsty R., Toronto, Canada – 9/18

"Best Organic Wines Ever... I haven't been able to drink wine in 30 plus years but found your wine 2 years ago and loved it..."
Maria R., USA – 9/18

"...just discovered your wine! Thank you!..."
Jenny D., USA – 9/18

"...I had your Rosé wine and it was fabulous..."
Lisa J., California – 9/18

"...Your wine is my favorite..."
Mary B., Kelseyville, California – 8/18

"...Thank you for the work you do in producing your organic wines, and I will continue to be an enthusiastic customer!
Kristin L., USA – 8/18

"...I was looking for a sulfite-free wine. This wine is very good..."
Kathy T., Oakdale, Minnesota – 8/18

..."I found you red wine, no sulfites. Perfect..."
Mike L., USA – 8/18

"Excellent work. Love the wine..."
Daniel K., Walnut Creek, California – 8/18

"God-bless you for doing things the way you do them and being what I think is the best wine in the country.  Keep up the good work Frey family."
Adam K., York, Pennsylvania – 8/18

"...I am enjoying drinking wine again since finding [your] low sulfite varieties..."
Maureen M., USA – 7/18

"...your wine is fantastic. I drink it all the time..."
Joseph C., New Jersey – 7/18

"I love Frey wine!"
Christa S., USA – 7/18

"Thank you for all of your wines..."
David D., USA – 7/18

"I love your organic/bio wines.  Thank you for your efforts..."
Tom, C., Grand Rapids, Michigan – 7/18

"Love your Pacific Redwood reds!...  THANK YOU!..."
Christy B., Coos Bay, Oregon – 7/18

"...I want to express my gratitude to you for your dedication to protecting our planet's natural diversity..."
Megan S., New Jersey – 7/18

"...Your wine is the only wine I can drink... got allergic to all other wines."
Sunny A., USA – 7/18

"...enjoying the organic red and white... I have asthma and find the lack of added sulfites allows me to drink wine again. Thank you."
Maureen M., New Haven, Connecticut – 6/18

" I was able to purchase and try your chardonnay... We loved it!..."
Kari B., Portland, Oregon – 6/18

"...Found the $9 Red at Total Wine and liked it a lot. Thank you!"
G.V., Lincoln, California – 6/18

"I love your wine!  Particularly the Natural Red..."
Alexandra M., USA – 6/18

"...I thought the price was good...  I think your wine is wonderful!"
Louaine L., USA – 6/18

"I love this wine and I love that it is organic and sulfate free..."
Jenn R., Sacramento, California – 6/18

"...Thank you for your hard work and delicious wines."
Kate F., Manor, Texas – 6/18

"....I LOVE your wines..."
Donna B., USA – 6/18

"I am a big fan of your wines and love that they are organic and vegan friendly..."
Claudia D., USA – 5/18

"...bought 3 bottles.  We tried one with dinner last night and it was a winner.  Nice bouquet, nice taste, no headache this morning!  We will be buying more."
Lynn G., Houston, Texas – 5/18

"I love your Field Blend!..."
Jennifer L., USA – 5/18

"...Having some Organic Natural Red right now and it is quite dry, as in not sugary, and has a nice taste. I'm afraid I'm sold..."
Wyatt Z., USA – 5/18

"I love your wine and the way you make your wine!..."
Jeanne A., USA – 4/18

"2016 Redwood Valley Tannat is excellent! Thank you for introducing me to this variety..."
David C., USA – 4/18

"...So happy I found your wines!"
Cathy H., USA – 4/18

"...I've had the pleasure of trying a few of your wines and have to say that I truly enjoy them.  Thank you!..."
Joseph K., USA – 4/18

" organic red wine.  I just had with chicken dish dinner."
Jayant P., USA – 4/18

" the Frey family and their wine. I only drink Frey wine and am very much looking forward to their rebuild..."
Pamela K., Chico, California – 4/18

"[The] article doesn't begin to capture the true spirit of the Frey family and their incredible resiliency. They barely skipped a beat in getting back to the business of wine making, while dealing with the devastation of nearly all of them losing their homes and the gorgeous surroundings that they steward so beautifully. They truly embrace every little joy that can be garnered after such a life altering event and I am grateful to love them."
Marilyn F., Ukiah, California – 4/18

"Due to a sulfite allergy, my wife only drinks your Red Table wine..."
Stephen S., USA – 4/18

"Comment Just bought a bottle at Whole Foods and drinking it now. Wow it's good, easy drinking. Not my normal wine but it's on my must have list. You must give it a try..."
Adrian Y., USA – 4/18

"I just wanted to let your company know that you are doing an awesome job.  Keep up the fantastic work and thank you."
Brandon J., Hemet, California – 4/18

"...will only be drinking Frey now.  Thanks for your purity of product...  I will be sharing the good news!..."
Gloria A., USA – 4/18

"...I discovered your wines at my local grocery store at an affordable price.  I just can't thank you enough for making these wines... The Cabernet is delicious.  I'm going to try all of the reds.  Thank you..."
Jill K., USA – 4/18

"...Had your wine with my daughter who lives in California. Love it!..."
Tina G., USA – 4/18

"I [purchased] the Organic Red from our food co-op...  It is very good and I've introduced my New England family to it..."
Nancy A., Brattleboro, Vermont – 4/18

"...I drank some of your Frey red wine tonight and it did not give me any headaches.  Thank you."
J.M., USA – 3/18

"...Thank you for making a wonderful no sulfates added wine my wife can enjoy..."
Robert K., New Bremen, Ohio – 3/18

"My wife really likes your wines..."
George H., Atlanta, Georgia – 3/18

"...purchased my first bottle of Frey Zinfandel...  I liked it a lot..."
Mike W., USA – 3/18

"...enjoying some of your bottles... I’m allergic to sulfites... Thank you!"
Molly R., USA – 3/18

"...I’ve been drinking your wine for a few weeks now and have really enjoyed the flavor and morning after, unlike most other wines which give me massive headaches and a dehydrated feeling..."
Emily R., USA – 3/18

"...all I can think of these days is sitting there on my porch with a nice glass of the only wine I can drink.  The sulfite levels in your wine is somehow the only wine my body lets me have with no trouble..."
Terry D., Southampton, Pennsylvania – 3/18

"I found [your] wine last year at Whole Foods.  Now it's the only red wine I drink.  Into my 30's I discovered I am extremely sensitive to sulfites.  This wine not only tastes delicious, but does not give me any rashes, headache, or hangover..."
W.M., USA – 3/18

"...I am both a sommelier at a prominent restaurant where I live... and a clerk/stock advisor at the only independent wineshop in the area.  I am drinking a bottle of your Pacific Redwood Organic Pinot and am fascinated...  It is a very complete wine!  I am a real believer (very much based on the experiences of my wife) in the effects of added sulfites.  Many thanks!..."
Chris K., Citrus Heights, California – 2/18

"...I'm allergic to sulfites...  A friend in the same boat told me about no sulfites added wine, so I found a market that sells it.  Now I'm experimenting with brands and types. Then I found your wine.  I've tried three kinds and ohhh my goodness!  The Sauvignon Blanc was my favorite and is incredibly delicious!  Thank you for making a wine that, not only can I drink, but is truly enjoyable."
Vickie U., USA – 2/18

"...Frey wines are very popular in our store and we'd like more customers to try them!..."
Jake S., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio – 2/18

"My husband and I enjoy your wine for many years now...  Thank you!"
Jean L., Hoffman Estates, Illinois – 2/18

"...thank you for... the standards you uphold! You're all awesome!"
C.R., USA – 1/18

"...Thank you for having organic wines with no no sulfites added."
Robin R., USA – 1/18

"...Best sweet red wine for someone who suffers from migraines..."
Heather M., USA – 1/18

"...You produce wonderful wine and I look forward to patronizing your company long into the future.  Long live organic and biodynamic!..."
Vlerie G., New York City, New York – 1/18

"... I had a bottle of your wine and it was delicious..."
Jess F., USA – 1/18

"...We love your wine and will be a lifetime of faithful customers...  Thank you so much for all your good work."
T. J., Canastota, New York – 1/18

"...Thank you for your wonderful vegan wine."
R.S., Woodbridge, Virginia – 12/17 

"Got me organic natural red! Love it!..."
Tonya R., Mishawaka, Indiana – 12/17

"My sister introduced me to this wine. This is the only wine she could drink because of her medical and dietary issues. I love your wine so much that I bought 20 bottles and gave them out as Christmas presents and brought them to every dinner..."
Brittany B., USA – 12/17 

"Thank you so much for making this amazing vegan wine..."
Kayla B., USA – 12/17

"Just enjoyed your wine for the first time...  I loved the melody of flavors.  It was a great complement to my spiced potato, broccoli and salmon dinner.  Thank you..."
Kevin M., USA – 12/17

"I brought this [Zinfandel] to my work Christmas party and shared it with a few people who also can't have sulfites, and it's delicious...  Definitely will purchase again!"
Stephanie H., Tacoma, Washington – 12/17

"...We just had your Cabernet with our prime rib.  I'm not a red wine drinker but this was amazing!  Well done!"
Michelle M., USA – 11/17

"...My wife gets migraines from other wines because of the added sulfites and your brand is the only one that isn’t sensitive to her..."
Greg B., Fargo, North Dakota – 11/17

"...We enjoy the Frey Natural Red Organic table wine...  It’s a wonderful wine and economical price and we’re very thankful to have it."
Carol P., Sheridan, Wyoming – 11/17

" son brought some of your 2002 Dessertage wine home for Thanksgiving a few years back.  The whole family was hooked!"
Rob S., Southern California – 11/17

"I have recently discovered your wines... It is excellent."
Diana H., Edmond, Oklahoma – 11/17

"...I love California red blends and this one is the best!...  No added sulfites.  So no headache. Thank you Frey."
Susan F., USA – 11/17

"...My local grocery store, Fred Meyers, has an organic wine section where I found your Pacific Redwood red blend.  I enjoyed it greatly..."
Terri H., Gresham, Oregon – 10/17

"...I want to express my gratitude for what you do as a vineyard - your commitment to the land and people's health.  Knowing that your work regenerates the soil and provides habitat - as a wildlife biologist with a sulfite allergy, what you do speaks to my heart.  I pretty much only drink your wine... The day a friend gave me a bottle of your wine (and I didn't react) opened up an entirely new culinary chapter in my life..."
Wendy H., Golden, Colorado – 10/17

"...Thank you for doing what you do."
M.L., Juneau, Alaska – 10/17

"We have been enjoying your Natural Red for some time now and have gifted many of friends..."
Lawrence H., USA – 10/17

"...We always liked how your wines [are] organic as well as vegan.  Previously we didn’t understand how wine could not be vegan but our vegan daughter educated us..."
Melissa M., USA – 10/17

"...You are a shining star in the wine business and I applaud you. Thank you for your dedication to organic.  I wish all of the food industry had your dedication and ethics in helping keep us healthy.  The only wine I have drank for many years is wine from your organic wine.  I am very happy that you will be able to continue making organic wines for those of us that care about the health of the environment and the health of our bodies..."
Fred W., USA – 10/17

"...You supply a beautiful product..."
Margie W., Henderson, Nevada – 10/17

"...impressed by wineries which achieve the Biodynamic certification, as we're aware of the stringent requirements to receive that distinction..."
Walter B., Berkeley, California – 10/17

"...have been a wine club member for several years! I have a significant sulfite allergy and love the way you make wine..."
T.B. Walnut Creek, California – 10/17

"Love the Pacific Redwood Organic wines. The low sulfites allow me to drink the wine and enjoy it. Thank you..."
Jennifer Q., USA – 10/17

"...We are long-time patrons of your great wines..."
David G., USA – 10/17

"...I have recently switched to organic NSA wines due to high sensitivity to sulfites.  Your wines are my favorites..."
John M., Springfield, Illinois –  10/17

"...your Organic Zinfandel has become my go-to wine and I usually buy a case at a time...
John M., USA – 10/17

..."I finally found some healthy and yet very pleasing red wines.  I profoundly thank you Frey Wines, oh so very much... simply delicious wines..."
P.C., Chesapeake, Virginia – 9/17

" happy I am that I found your wine! I wish more stores carried your product. Thankful I stumbled on yours!"
Deborah P., USA – 9/17

"Recently we spent our holidays in Yukon and Alaska and we bought some of your wines.  We enjoyed them very much..."
Dieter F., Germany – 8/17

"...Thank you for producing the red blend. I buy it at Trader Joes. It is consistently delicious. Cheers to you."
Hilary R., USA – 8/17

"...I really like the Zinfandel I purchased from your winery.  Thank you."
Judith B., Manhattan Beach, California – 8/17

"...dedicated fan and consumer of your wines for quite some time, because you are CA based, organic, with ethical practices, and vegan friendly..."
Debra, Santa Barbara, California – 8/17

"...I exclusively drink your wine...  Thank you for an amazing, beyond brilliant, organic wine..."
Lillian L., USA – 8/17

"I love your wine with no sulfites added..."
Claudia W., Chico, California – 8/17

"Frey is the only California wine that I will drink..."
T.L., USA – 8/17

"...Very happy with your wine, love it when I don't sneeze after drinking a bottle..."
Christopher F., Selkirk, NY – 7/17

"We purchased a bottle of your 2015 Organic Cabernet Sauvignon and we really enjoyed it... Thank you!
Kayleigh B., USA – 7/17

"...we buy your organic, no added sulphite Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc in the UK all the time..."
Malcolm F., United Kingdom – 7/17

"...thank you for all of your fabulous efforts. I recently purchased a bottle of your Pacific Redwood and am so happy I did!  Wonderful to have such a great organic option & with no added sulfites..."
Sidney R., USA – 6/17

"...I have a glass of Natural Red nearly every evening with dinner. I poured a glass of this wine and was pleasantly surprised. The flavor, taste and quality were wonderful. It's nice to have a pure unadulterated wine for once. In fact, I went back soon after to buy three more bottles of the same."
Bob, USA – 6/17

"Your Sauvignon Blanc has to be the best around. It's affordable, organic, and refreshing."
Sandra, USA – 6/17

"Love your wine..."
Jeanne S., Raphine, Virginia – 6/17

"Two weeks ago, planning our Family Wedding Dinner... the Event Planner gave us a sample of your Cabernet.  Wonderful, and we have ordered 4 bottles for the dinner of 20 and I just ordered one for home...  As sometimes happens in life, a little magic happens.  I am 84yr and my fiancé is 89yr.  Thanks for creating a great fine wine."
Dorothy V., Oregon – 6/17

"I react badly to most alcohol, so I found this Frey Syrah at my local health food store... after trying other organic, sulfite-free wines, my husband and I both have decided this one tastes very good and feels good too..."
April, USA – 6/17

"I recently discovered your wine and love! your red one. I generally stay away from wine because of the sulfites, and was so happy to find yours. It is delicious... I have looked over your site and appreciate the care you take in producing an organic wine... no sulfites, good drinking!""
Suzanne M., USA – 6/17

"The only California wine I'll drink..."
T.L., USA – 6/17

"I have been drinking red wine since I have been in my early 20's and I am now 47 years old. In the past 5 years or so I have become allergic to the sulfites in wine. It got to the point that I would get a rash on my chest and back and the itch was too much... I entered my wine store on Long Island, N.Y., and I was recommended this 2015 [Frey] Cabernet. It exceeded my expectations and is absolutely delicious! I am so thankful to have come across a delectable organic wine that I will be consuming from now on. Thank You Frey!"
Michael D., Long Island, New York – 6/17

"Just picked up a bottle of Field Blend and I love it... Keep up the great work."
Brian B., Langhorne, Pennsylvania – 5/17

"Drinking your everyday red wine currently. Delicious."
Diana H., Edmond, Oklahoma – 5/17

"I was hesitant to buy this because so many "healthy" wines just don't taste good. But I discovered an unexpected store in Washington, Maine, of all places. The owners renovated a beautiful old barn and they clearly care about the quality of the food and drinks they sell. So I took a chance and bought the red and a bottle of white. What a great surprise! Passed all my expectations. This wine can stand up to the highly rated, and far more expensive wines. Went back and bought more!"
Carole D., USA – 5/17

"I served The Red at my parent's anniversary party. It fared well with our menu... Smooth, delicious and, yeah, no morning-after headaches."
Rita S., Lehigh Acres, Florida – 3/17

"...Your wines are “ono kine, da best” as we would say in Hawai’i, the only ones we drink. Thank you for making wines not only good for drinking, but also good for our earth."
Helga C.,, Hawaii – 3/17

"...I freaking love your red blend! Since I've been drinking it, it is literally the ONLY wine I can drink. You can taste the organic difference. I love it so much. I always get it from the same store. Thank you for giving me such a good product option!"
Kelly B., USA – 2/17

"...been enjoying your wines for some time... Pinot Noir is GREAT!"
Harry Z., USA – 2/17

"We love your wines! My husband is allergic to sulfites, and your wine is one of the few he can truly enjoy without the worry of an allergic reaction!... I wish more places would stock your wines!
Helen G., Gurnee, IL – 2/17

"...thank you for making wine without added chemical sulfites..."
Laura S., USA – 1/17

"...My entire family appreciates... and loves your products..."
Cheryl F., USA – 1/17

"...I have your Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc in my house right now and one of them will be on my dinner table tonight.
I so appreciate your transparency on your website... you have found a loyal fan in me!..."

Vail R., USA – 1/17

"...While at the Costco... we saw your Pacific Redwood Organic Red wine and took a bottle home to try with dinner. Needless to say, we were utterly shocked at how delicious and great this wine tastes, especially given the price point. You now have two fans and we will be sure to purchase more of the Pacific Redwood and your others wines in the future."
Jessica R.,  San Anselmo, California – 12/16

"...I recently tried your Natural Red and I am a fan!"
Nancy B., USA – 12/16

"...Thank you for your fabulous wines!  I look forward to sharing them over the holidays..."
Tracy R., Trinidad, Colorado – 12/16

"I discovered your Biodynamic Cabernet Sauvignon this past Thanksgiving in Connecticut. It was so good we went out and bought another bottle..."
Peg C., Deale, Maryland – 11/16

"I have a severe allergy to sulfites, and so I've been drinking your Chardonnay for many years and love it! I'll never stop drinking Frey wines..."
Cynthia C., USA – 10/16

"Thank you for putting out a great organic wine. I love that this is a family business and you seem to take what you do very seriously..."
Paulette T., USA – 10/16

"Thank you for providing your wine. Your methods and product quality set you apart, and your wines are the only ones that I purchase. I buy your wine for myself and as gifts in order to introduce friends and family to the organic, biodynamic, no sulfites added difference..."
Nathan K., Columbus, Wisconsin – 10/16

"Amazing! The best organic wine I've tasted to date..."
J., USA – 9/16

"I absolutely love your Natural Red wine! I love wine, but can't usually drink any because it gives me a humongous pounding headache with half a glass. Not with your wine! The flavor is great, it is rich and smooth. Love that I have found a wine that I can drink! No headaches!  Thank you so much for producing a great wine that I can drink!..."
Nancy M., USA – 9/16

"I really enjoy your wines and I love that they are produced without the use of animal products..."
Patricia T., USA – 9/16

"...Thankful for no added sulfites... I can drink wine again. I couldn't for a long time due to debilitating headaches from sulfites."
Ilene, USA – 7/16

"...Get a headache when you drink wine? Try Organic... no sulfates. Cured me."
Tina D., Kenosha, Wisconsin – 7/16

"My husband and I have long been enjoying your biodynamic red wine.  It is a priceless moment that we take a glass or two of your wine, enjoying the ocean breeze on the patio, at the end of the day...  We consume a case of them every month.
Your biodynamic wines are very pure and healthy..."

T.F., Galveston, Texas – 5/16

"I suffer from migraines with the sulfates in wines, but not with this one. No headaches, tastes yummy. Yes, I will buy more of this wine!..."
Lynn D., USA – 4/16

"...Your website is wonderful, and I applaud all you do to be kind to our planet.  Because of all the good things you do... I was eager to become a club member and help support your cause. Kudos to your extended family of winemakers!
Allison L., Athens, Georgia – 4/16

"Frey Wine is by far the most pleasurable and healthy feeling I have ever gotten from drinking wine. One with allergies, prone to headaches and inflammation, I enjoy it and feel fantastic in the morning! It has been the only vineyard product I can trust."
Tia W., USA – 4/16

"THE only wine that doesn't trigger migraines for me :) Thank you!"
Kimber H., USA – 4/16

"Just tried your Pinot Noir and I love it! And I don't have any allergic symptoms when I drink it. Thank you so very much. Finally a wine I can drink!..."
Madalyn H., USA – 4/16

"I just wanted to thank you for making the organic, no sulfites added table wine so affordable. I am an everyday customer of that and LOVE the fact that it neither gives me a headache nor does it give me a "hangover" the way other, far more expensive wines do. I am so grateful to you for developing this "everyday" wine, otherwise I would simply have to go without it much of the time!"
Joy M., Maui, Hawaii – 4/16

"Love this wine! I'm so glad that it's vegan and sulfite-free and affordable!..."
Melissa B., USA – 4/16

"...My son... bought me a bottle of your biodynamic zin, which became my current favorite wine after opening it for Sunday dinner. I have called everywhere in Des Moines... and just found it at Whole Foods. I will be going there today on my lunch hour to wipe out their supply."
Linda D., Des Moines, Iowa – 4/16

"I am glad to see your wines are vegan!.."
Alfredo K., Mountain View, California – 4/16

"I like very much the Frey wines because they are organic with no sulfites..."
E.A., USA – 3/16

"...your wines have been working well for me and my allergy..."
Lin D., USA – 3/16

"The best organic wine around. Full-bodied flavor, smooth... yummy."
Wendy P., USA – 3/16

"Absolutely love this [Organic Natural White]!... I am hooked! I can't always get this wine at my local store in Pennsylvania, but when I can I buy a case!..."
Judy K., USA – 3/16

"...thanks so much for your delicious biodynamic wine... Great people doing cool stuff, such as yourselves, is why I moved to Mendocino from NYC."
Scotty D., Mendocino, California – 3/16

"I got six bottles of Natural Red yesterday, love it. Life is short, drink good wine..."
Tim B., USA – 3/16

"Love this sulfite-free organic wine... [it's] divine."
Grace A., USA – 2/16

"On my search for less sulfite containing wines, I found Frey Vineyards. I placed an order and became a fan. Imagine how delighted I was when I found your wines at Sprouts. I am enjoying your Natural White as I write my comments. Many thanks and I will tell others about Frey wines."
Janet D., USA – 2/16

"...I appreciate that your wine has no sulfites... I also appreciate your commitment to organic/sustainability/practices."
Cheryl F., USA – 2/16

"...We tried the Cabernet last night and found it to be clean, dry and delightful... Thank you."
Janet H., USA – 2/16

"My wife is allergenic to most alcohol beverages but tried a bottle of your wine (no sulfates added) and was fine with it..."
Chris Y., USA – 2/16

"I thought my wine drinking days were over because everytime I sat down with a glass of wine I would get horrible headaches. That is until a doctor friend of mine told me it was the sulfites. I found your organic wine w/o sulfites and it was love at first taste. Thank you for sharing your world class wine with us. I can once again enjoy a lovely bottle of red without the painful headaches. Your number one fan."
Candice M., Utah – 1/16

"...I am so impressed by your efforts at healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly wine production; from now on Frey is the only wine I will buy (we need to vote with our wallets!)...
Jeff S., Morristown, New Jersey – 1/16

"...absolutely LOVE Frey wine and it's my every day wine..."
Nikki H., USA – 12/15

"...I am such a huge fan of your wine - when I can find it!... many thanks for your continued work on producing organic, sustainable and flavorful wines."
B. C., USA – 12/15

"...found sulfite-free [wine]... finally, after getting sick too many times..."
Nancy C., Boston, Massachusetts – 12/15

"...The best organic, full-bodied dark red's... Highly recommend their Cabernet, Syrah and Petite Sirah for ritual..."
J.S., USA – 12/15

"...I did not have a reaction to your wine. I've now tried the white and red varieties and I'm happy to say I will only drink your wine from now on. I'm so glad you guys care enough to do what you do because it seems nobody else does!..."
Amanda C., USA – 11/15

"...drinking THE BEST wine I've ever had. I love it! (I'm talking about your Frey Merlot 2013). Please never stop making this wine..."
Cheryl M., USA – 9/15

"I had a bottle of your Zinfandel in Mendocino last month and LOVED it..."
Janet M., USA – 8/15

" wife and I are so thankful to have found your wines!...
Benjamin H., USA – 8/15

"...I discovered your wine at Trader Joes and it's the only one I am buying because of its organic & non gmo..."
Marie D., USA – 8/15

"Finally found one that's sulfite free. Thank you!"
Linda R., USA – 8/15

"...We are huge Frey fans... My girlfriend is prone to migraines, and aside from loving the taste, she prefers your sulfite-free wine for her health..."
Johnny H., USA – 8/15

"...I enjoyed this wine! It is my favorite of the organic wines I've tried so far! It seems smoother and lighter..."
Linda, USA – 8/15

"...Frey wines are my favorite... Thank you so much for providing quality organic wines..."
S. R., Natchitoches, Louisiana – 7/15

"...We discovered your wine from a local general store...  I look all over for wines that are organic and/or sulfite-free and really enjoyed this bottle..."
Vicki W., Newnan, Georgia – 6/15

"...yours is the only wine for me."
Dominique H., USA – 6/15

"...Great wine.  Love that it has No Sulfites and tasty too!"
Carol D., USA – 6/15

"...I'm obsessed with your Red Table Agricultarist wine at Whole Foods!  Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence in organic wine culture. You guys rock my world!"
Kimberly S., Montecito, California – 5/15

"...Thanks so much for making organic wine available."
Julia M., Brady, Texas – 5/15

"...I do enjoy your wine as I have a sulfate allergy and added sulfates in other wines do not agree with me."
Ruth B., USA – 5/15

"...I'm in Heaven.  Thank You Frey for the best wine in the World!"
Tim B., Casper, Wyoming – 5/15

"...The Natural Red and the Syrah are ALWAYS in the house (and usually always a bottle or two open for drinking and quite a bit makes it into my cooking!).  We just want to thank you and let you know..."
Kathleen S., Lorton, Virginia – 4/15

"...THANK YOU.  Your wines are the only ones I drink now.  They are soooo low in sulfites that I don't get migraines! I LOVE my Frey wine!"
Jackie G., USA – 4/15

"...We love your North Coast White table wine, Natural White... We love the organic process and also that you don’t add sulfites..."
Ashley Hotz, Florida – 4/15

"...I am happy with your products. Thanks for providing quality organic sulfites free wines."
Sali A., Boston, Massachusetts – 4/15

"...greatly appreciate the organic and biodynamic emphasis at the winery. I am a member of the Full Moon Wine club and can't wait for the next shipment."
Dorothy S., Mankato, Minnesota – 4/15

"...It’s such a great combination of super affordable plus organic and no added sulfites!"
Deirdre S., USA – 4/15

"... I have been drinking your wines for a number of years...  I greatly appreciate your wines with no added sulfite. I have recommended your wine to many of my friends."
Donna Medalis, Clarendon Hills, Illinois – 3/15

"...I'm a content Frey sipper now! Many thanks to Frey Wines for making a true wine for us to enjoy, it's delicious..."
Rose B., USA – 3/15

"...I love your wines... thank you for a vegan, organic option in the liquor store! I really appreciate it!"
Laura B., USA – 3/15

"...Just had my first of hopefully many bottles of your wine. Bravo for an exceptional, organic wine."
Mike B., Clarksville, Missouri – 3/15

"...Your Syrah is the best wine yet!  I keep giving bottles away and everyone loves it!..."
Loree B., Coram, NY – 3/15

"...I so appreciate there is a product like yours out there..."
Pat D., USA – 3/15

"...I am highly allergic to sulfur and sulfites, so your wine is something I've been looking for..."
Mimi B., USA – 2/15

"...I love your syrah!...
Krista S., USA – 2/15

"...Two year ago I discovered that I have a terribly severe reaction/allergy to sulfites.  I was devastated that I could no longer drink wine without results that were just horrible.  After much research, I decided that I would risk the awful outcomes and try Frey.  I was 100% fine the next day, without all of the symptoms I had experienced previously - I was so thrilled I could enjoy wine again!... thank you for your product..."
Billie H., USA – 2/15

"...your white wines will be the only ones I'll be drinking..."
Cathy F., USA – 2/15

"...Your wine is awesome and does not make me sick! I am so happy... I was really missing my glass of wine after work."
Lori J., Lancaster, Pennsylvania – 2/15

"...Just received a wonderful box of your Cabernet and Chardonnay from my family for my 60th birthday. I am in heaven! FABULOUS wine!"
Mary C., Victorville, California – 2/15

I love Frey wines, started drinking them because they are organic... then I realized they are delicious, too. Now I only have one problem: will my 1990 Toyota Tercel actually make it up to the Frey vineyard so I can tell them personally how much I love and appreciate their wine!"
Jane S., USA – 2/15

"I love red wine but would always get headaches from the sulfites. Well, I found your wine at Whole foods and it is wonderful... Thank you for your wonderful wines."
Nancy L., Dallas, Texas – 2/15

"I have a great amount of respect for the values and traditions of agriculture being utilized by your winery. As a nation we are mass producing the lowest quality food and beverage ever to be produced throughout history, and it all traces back to our agricultural values. Modern day agriculture is overlooking the fact that we are part of an interconnected environment of love and cooperation. In order to receive the highest nourishment from our food and beverage we must treat all of the plants and animals that bring us life with the utmost respect and care. A majority of today's healthcare is purely being self inflicted do to our practices of low quality agriculture. But Frey Vineyards is operating on the other end of the spectrum! Doing agriculture the correct way, acknowledging the environment as a whole, bringing life and nourishment back to the planet. Thank you, you're practices are what the world needs most at this time. "
Kyle H., USA – 2/15

"I’ve been searching for a wine with no added sulfites and recently came across your Chardonnay at Costco. I’d never heard of organic wine before. I just want to say thank you for producing organic wine. You have made me a fan and convert overnight. Only organic wine from here on. The difference is amazing. I’m going to buy a case of Frey today. Well done!"
Simon H., California – 2/15

"I have been enjoying your white organic wine for a couple of years now... I have been so happy to be able to drink a glass of wine without getting horrid headaches!... I love the wine and am so grateful for it..."
Donna M., Poulsbo, Washington – 1/15

"...Thank God for Frey Wines!"
Tina S., USA – 1/15

"...thank you for the opportunity to get organic wine..."
Rosa V., Cedar Park, Texas – 1/15

"I want you to know I love your wine. The curious thing is that the effect.. is much more of a whole body experience and is not something that just hits me in the head like other wines..." 
Dave A., Logan, Utah – 1/15

"...As a Vegan I've loved your wines from the first day they hit the shelves. The past few months we've been relishing the Agriculturist Blanc white table wine which is absolutely sublime. Do hope you make more of this wonderful ambrosia..."
Anonymous, USA – 12/14

"...I had all but given up drinking wine until I tried your Pacific Redwood red wines... thank you for producing a wine that I enjoy... and that doesn't cause me pain. Now I bring a bottle with me to parties, open it, and hide it so I don't have to switch :^) Thank you! Thank you!"
Amy S., USA – 12/14

"...thank you for making low sulfite wine. It makes me happy to be able to drink wine again. I love your wine and I love your website... Thanks again from a committed fan."
Brad P., USA – 12/14

"...Got to try some of your wine purchased at Whole Foods. In serious love now..."
Annie B., USA – 12/14

"...I'm one of the... people who seem to have an allergy to sulfites. Your wine has been the only one that I drink for several years and I've encountered no problems. Thanks." 
Henry M., Ellensburg, Washington – 12/14

"...I tried your Natural Red and really love it. Thank you for making organic wines."
Michelle J., Sedona, Arizona – 12/14

"...The Syrah is to die for. Ordering another case for Christmas giving..."
Loree B., Coram, New York – 12/14 

"...I love Frey's NATURAL RED... I am very allergic to the sulfites. Thank you so much for making the wonderful wine that you do..."
David M., Houston, Texas – 12/14

"...Since my friend is very sensitive to sulfites your wine is the only wine she drinks..."
Esther C., Beaufort, South Carolina – 12/14

"...The finest organic wines on the planet!"
Randy S., USA – 12/14

"...I love Frey Organic Wine. In fact, it was on our Thanksgiving table."
Kathryn G. San Francisco, California – 11/14 

"...My wife enjoyed this wine, her favorite from a day of tasting."
John E., Apex, North Carolina – 11/14 

"We enjoyed your Chardonnay tonight..."
Theresa G., USA – 11/14 

"I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the organic wines... Thank you for... using ethical processes for making delicious wine!"
Jessika K., Santa Monica, California – 11/14 

"...I was so happy to find an organic wine with no additional sulfates added that actually taste good..."
Shannon K., Michigan – 11/14

"I had never tried organic wine before, but I picked up Frey Field Blend after happening on it in the aisle, simply to support bee friendly harvests. Not only was it delicious, I really felt the difference. You've converted us to organic and sulfate-free for good!"
Shannon O., Raritan, New Jersey – 11/15

"If I had to suggest 1 and only 1 brand of wine to someone it would HAVE to be Frey Organic Wines! I tried your red table wine in 2008... and loved that it had no sulfites, it didn't irritate my palate or leave "film" in my mouth! Your wine is heavenly and smooth..."
Carlos T., USA – 10/14

"Frey Organic Wine has given me wine to drink at my dinner table for the first time since I had all natural wine that my grandfather made in his basement in the 1960s. I am thankful for all products of Non-GMO..."
Theresa G., Croydon, Pennsylvania – 10/14 

"The only wine I drink! Frey wine is the best. I love the fact it is sulphite free, organic, and now biodynamic!..."
Corrina J., Honesdale, Pennsylvania – 10/14

"My favorite wine at any price. No traceable sulfites makes it a very clean drink choice..."
Peter V., USA – 10/14

"For our Thanksgiving meal everyone enjoyed the wine with our lamb very much..."
Fiona K., Canada – 10/14

"I buy your delicious wines by the case... Have done so for years. They are my favorite because they are organic..."
Peter P., Mariposa, California – 10/14

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for making wine that I can drink!... What I wouldn't give for restaurants around here to offer your wine! I will keep asking, though! Again, truly grateful for Frey."
Trisha K., USA – 10/14

"My husband and I purchased 2 bottles of your organic wine a few months ago while we were vacationing in Texas and we enjoyed them very much! We don't have many organic or low sulfite wine choices where we live..."
Deianna F., Oklahoma – 10/14

"LOVE your Pacific Redwood organic red... Can't have sulfites. Thank you for making such good wine."
M., USA – 9/14

" all your wines..."
Jeff T., Belmont, Vermont – 9/14

"I am allergic to some sulfites... some wines i just can't drink. I'm so glad for the organic natural way you make your wines..."
Valerie L., USA – 9/14

"I am so happy to find ORGANIC wines..."
Tammy, USA – 8/14

"Yours is the only wine I can drink..."
Carol C., Lake Dallas, Texas – 8/14

"One of the only wines that doesn`t use sulfates (no migraines!)..."
Eleanor R., USA – 8/14 

"I am a life long red wine drinker. That is, until, by shear luck, I decided to buy a bottle of your "Blanc." I was so attracted to the artfully done label that I felt this wine worthy of my trying. Since then I have finished 3 bottles and will not return to buying anything other than this wine for my home use. Bravo!"
Paula J., USA – 8/14

"...Your wine is so delicious and so full-bodied. I am allergic to sulphites and therefore avoid wine. I went into Liberty Merchant and asked if they have any organic wine without sulphites. To my surprise the clerk showed me... one Red and one White from Frey. I have just tried the Red. It is amazing and full of life. I want to thank you for your family dedication to your fabulous wine. Good to see that there are people who care. I hope one day to visit your winery. Have a most wonderful day. You made mine!
Colleen A., Vancouver, British Columbia – 8/14

"...I LOVE FREY WINE. I have been drinking it for about 8 years. Both red and white..."
Ruth H., Arizona – 8/14

"...First had your wine during a trip to NC, late 80's early 90's and have been buying it ever since... I love this wine and the people who run the Frey Winery..."
Deanna F., Truth or Consequences, New Mexico – 8/14 

"...Your wine is truly a miracle!... Thank you a million times for such an excellent and very healthy wine!"
Anthony S., Toledo, Ohio– 8/14

"I LOVE your Wines! I'm so happy I found them. Not only organic, no GMO, no yeast, but NO SULFITES! Thank you, thank you!"
Louise S., USA – 8/14

"I greatly appreciate your effort to bring a truly better wine to the consumers..."
R.H., USA – 7/14

" migraine! I'm so excited."
Diana V., Red Oak, Oklahoma – 7/14

"...I love your wines!"
Michelle, USA – 7/14

"We appreciate your making wine with lesser sulfites... We will continue to drink your wine and enjoy with the knowledge that it has minimal sulfites. I am so glad I found it."
Joe B., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – 7/14

"...I really like the fact that you produce organic wine..."
Rick O., USA – 7/14

"Love your 'Blanc'! Just tried for the very first time tonight, and I'm hooked. I'm from Italy and understand and love Biodynamic wines. Keep up the good work..."
Simonetta C., Chicago, Illinois – 7/14

"Thank you for making vegan wines and not being ashamed to use the V-word on your site! (With that you win my loyalty.) I met one of your distributors over the weekend – lovely fellow who ever-so-gently nudged me to one of your wines. I'm glad he did!"
Rita T., USA – 6/14 

"...I love your wines and am so happy to finally have found a really good sulfite-free brand! I can now fully enjoy meals with friends and family with a decent glass! I have brought the wine to France and shared it with friends there who absolutely loved it! and you know the French can be especially sensitive about such things :)... I have tried the French version of an organic, low sulfite wine and it is no where near as good as yours!..."
Jacquie G., France – 6/14

"Really love the new Biodynamic Zinfandel. Wow. :)"
Grace A., USA – 5/14

" that it is organic and sulfite free..."
Jennifer T., USA – 5/14

"...It took a while to figure out sulfites are so bad for me. Thank You Frey Wines for making wine the way GOD intended."
Tim B., USA – 5/14 

"...thanks for producing the best sulfite-free wines that I've found..."
Kelly C., Reedley, California – 5/14

"I've been buying your wines for many years now. I trust the source and quality and find it's one of the few that don't give me a headache! That's a good thing..."
Barbara, USA – 4/14

"Just found Frey in my local ABC. Bought because of the price, then I drank it and said I'd keep buying because of taste. Woke up the next morning fresh as a daisy and said I'd keep buying it because it had no sulfites. Went back and bought everything they had on the shelf – fantastic stuff."
Patrick G., Orlando, Florida – 4/14

"...We love your wines. Thank you for producing such yummy, lovely, organic wines... I thoroughly loved meeting everyone on Saturday. Thank you for a lovely time and the tour of your family farm. It's so wonderful to see where my wine comes from. :)"
Cindie Y., USA – 4/14

"...I want to thank you for the first bottle of wine that I have been able to enjoy in about 10 years. I have a massive sulfide allergic reaction to most wines.. Your Cab was amazing!..."
M.L., USA – 4/14

"...I opened the white this evening and oh my goodness, it is very good and slightly unexpectedly different... which for me is GREAT because I am sick of the same old, same old... The labels are gorgeous, as well. Kudos to Frey Vineyards for excellent wines and even better customer service. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be ordering again and may even join the wine club!"
Joyce M., Jamestown, New York – 4/14

"...[Frey Wine] is one of very few that my husband both 1) likes, and 2) does NOT have a sulfite reaction of any degree to.  (He is very sensitive to sulfites; even wines labeled 'no sulfites added' usually get him.  However, your reds labeled 'no detectable sulfites' do not.)..."
Leila M., Ellensburg, Washington – 3/14

"I have had your wine. It's the best tasting without sulfates. I am allergic to sulfur..."
Sharon S., Redding, California – 3/14

"...I love your wine and have been drinking it for a couple of years now...
Jennifer N., USA – 3/14

"My husband & I are sitting here enjoying a bottle of your Merlot... My husband bought this bottle for us to try, as I always react to the sulfates, but what a treat to find your wine! It's delicious & no reaction!!! I am over the moon!... We are so glad to have discovered your wine!"
Silvia M., Neebing, Ontario, Canada – 3/14

"I am a fan of your wine. I don't think I will be able to buy any other wines now after knowing your story..."
Aaron, USA – 3/14

"...I see that your wines are not fined with gluten-containing ingredients and that they are sulfite free. That is fantastic as I am sensitive to sulfites as well..."
Laurie, USA – 2/14

"...Thank you for all you do to make healthy wines and be good stewards of the land!"
Geralyn, USA – 2/14

" husband and I enjoy your wines very much... thank you for growing and bottling such a delicious wine."
Cynthia P., Holyoke, Massachusetts – 2/14

"I love your Natural Red wine. As I have stomach issues, the No-Added Sulphite wine is a must. Thank you for making a quality great tasting no-sulphite wine." 
Denise M., Illinois – 2/14 

"I'm not a Merlot fan, but the Frey Merlot is spectacular!"
Cindie Y., USA – 2/14

"I purchased your wine and absolutely no headaches or tummy upset whatsoever. The quality is fabulous..."
Donna S., Phoenix , Arizona – 2/14

"I thoroughly enjoy your line of organic red wines..."
Paul G., USA – 2/14

"Over the years Organic and Biodynamic wines have moved to the top when it comes to quality and flavors."
Kiwina K., Hanalei, Hawaii – 1/14

"...Yours is the first organic wine I've had that I really like, and I have tried many..."
Cindy M., Providence, Rhode Island – 1/14

"...My family always enjoys your wine..."
Lydia S., New York City, New York – 1/14

"...I love your wine and appreciate you making it without (or very low) sulfates... if I drink even one glass of wine, I’m aching awful and will be that way for 2-3 days. It was very strange. So someone mentioned to try organic wine and I happened to buy yours because it had the USDA label. I too was skeptical and really didn’t think it would make a difference... I have no side effects after drinking your wine. I was very shocked! So thank you Frey and keep up the good work!"
Patricia C., Mechanicville, New York

"...Your wine is the only wine I buy, and drink. I love your wine, and it’s nice to be able to drink wine without the usual headache following..."
Y. T., Erie, Pennsylvania – 12/13

"I’ve come across your wine... and tried it. It was delicious! I have several food allergies and have learned that wines with no added sulfites are my friends..." 
T. D., Pace, Florida – 12/13

"I am so excited that you have vegan wines..."
Christy., USA – 12/13

"I stumbled upon this [bottle of Frey Natural Red]... in Oklahoma City and LOVE it. Look forward to drinking it again soon!"
Patrick F., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 12/13

"Every [Frey] red wine I've tasted so far has been smooth and delicious!"
Helene F., USA – 12/13

"...I appreciate your sulfite-free wine. I had not been able to drink wine for over a quarter of a century until we discovered you."
John B., Lubbock, Texas – 12/13

"My husband and I enjoy being part of the Frey wine club. Every bottle is an adventure in taste, soooo delicious with every sip... We are having a cocktail party [at] which we will feature the Frey wines. Our friends are becoming savy to the no sulfites and delicious taste, without the bite that some wines leave."
Grace A., Lubbock, Texas – 12/13

"My husband and I adore your wines. We usually purchase the Zinfandel and the Merlot... We appreciate your organic wines, and how you do not use sulfites. My husband doesn’t get headaches from drinking wine now!"
Jennifer, USA – 12/13

"...your Syrah... is wonderful. Full bodied and smooth. And I have to tell you, I am not a white wine person, but the Biodynamic Chardonnay was a pleasant surprise to me. I really enjoyed it..."
Loree B., Coram, New York – 11/13

"Always telling everyone how I love your wine..."
Natalie, USA – 11/13

"I received my first bottle of Frey Wine 5 years ago at the dinner before our wedding. Most of my life the only wine I was able to drink was homemade, and not get sick for the next three days. I am a happy camper with my Frey Wine... So thankful for the Frey Family in California for their organic wine."
Theresa G., Croydon, Pennsylvania – 11/13

"Thank you for making great wine. Due to numerous allergies and food sensitivities, I found your wine! I have been enjoying the Natural White for many years..."
Debora F., Columbia, South Carolina – 11/13

"I'm so happy to find a winery not using sulfites, and organic!"
Caroline K., Henderson, Nevada – 11/13 

"Thank you, from those allergic to sulfites, for the great tasting wine without the side affects."
Jodel G., Fresno, California – 10/13

"...seriously best organic wine. I'll be buying a case soon."
Margie, USA – 10/13

"We love your Biodinamic Pinot Noir..."
Tamami F., USA – 10/13

"I have been drinking your natural red organic wine for several years. I have become sensitive to sulfites and react by having a terrible rash when exposed. It was so great to find your wine. I can drink it with no ill effects..."
Hobbie W., Sumter, South Carolina – 10/13

"I am a red wine drinker and have enjoyed every Frey Red Wine I have tried. The Natural Red is a favorite of mine."
Troy P., Sanford, Michigan – 10/13

"I have always wanted to drink wine but it always gave me a headache. I am so glad to have found a bottle of [Frey] Organic Agriculturist... now I can enjoy a glass of wine now and then. You guys are awesome! Thank you for all that you do for the environment."
Jackie R., Kihei, Hawaii – 10/13

"Enjoying a lovely bottle of Frey 2009 Gewurztraminer. Delicioso!"
Brenda B., USA – 9/13

"First time trying your red table wine. Very good and would buy again."
Samantha D., USA – 9/13 

"Finally a wine that is totally organic & sulfite free. No more head aches! Thank you so much. :)"
Laurie H., Livermore, California – 9/13 

"...I'm a longterm customer of yours, very grateful. I think you guys are the best and I give/suggest your wines to my wine drinking friends."
Jed., USA – 9/13

"Fabulous wine it is, I must say! Love, love, love the organic natural red!"
Tonya R., Mishawaka, Indiana – 9/13

"HUGE FAN! The ONLY wine I drink... Love your organic, gmo-free, no added sulfites wine! Thank you for making a wine that is of high quality and for a very reasonable price!"
Janelle M., Chillán, Chile – 9/13

"Yum! Just found [your wine]... and I loooove it! Super yummy and super affordable! Keep up the good work."
Joanne M., Livermore, California – 9/13

"I love your wine!!..."
Ana A., Corpus Christi, Texas – 9/13

"...I just wanted to tell you [the Frey Organic Natural Red] is heavenly! I love a glass of wine with dinner, but have sensitivity to sulfites, so choose to forego that pleasure. Now I may at least occasionally enjoy that once more. Thank you so much!"
Jenny M., USA – 9/13

"...I have not been able to enjoy or even tolerate any wine for about 25 years. It has not been fun... I bought a bottle [of Frey Petite Sirah] and gave it a try. No bad reaction! Now, I bring a bottle to every party and when we go out to dinner... Thank you so much for this unexpected pleasure."
Marilyn M., Berkeley , California – 9/13

"...Love that they are organic with NO ADDED SULFATES!..."
Debbie R., USA – 8/13

"My very favorite wine. Thank you for making it. Just had my local store order a case. And they agreed to keep it in stock from now on. Sulfite-free is important to me"
Tammy B., Longview, Texas – 8/13

"Just discovered a bottle of your red table wine at Trader Joe's yesterday – my hubby and I are in LOVE! Thanks for being EXCELLENT and what you do! We are sooo thankful to have found your winery and can't wait to try more!"
Jordan H., Charlotte, North Carolina – 8/13 

"So glad to find Vegan and Gluten free wine!"
Kelly W., USA – 8/13

"I love the taste of wine but have not been able to drink more than a glass... due to it giving me a raging headache. I am guessing it is the sulfites. I bought your 2011 Sauvignon Blanc... since the label said no sulfites added. I drank several glasses (no point in fibbing, almost the whole bottle), and to my surprise, no headache whatsoever. I am amazed. Thank you for making such a great wine at a great price. I will  be a long time patron!"
Sam W., Panama City, Florida – 8/13

"I am allergic to sulphur. That is one reason I buy from Frey – and it is a good wine."
Thomas E., Torrance, California – 7/13

"I have been drinking your Natural Red for some time now. It is all I will drink if I can get it... I stock up when I find it. Delicious and so healthy. Love it!"
Helen P., La Pine, Oregon – 7/13 

"Just now having a glass of your Natural Rosé... very nice and dry with summery fruit flavors..."
Maggie D. Albion, California – 7/13 

"...We LOVE the Petite Sirah..."
Carol M., London, Ohio – 7/13

"I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with your information and attention to detail regarding the Vegan aspect of your wines. I am so proud of your company. I will always say nice things about Frey Vineyards..."
William B., USA – 7/13

"I tried the 2007 [Late Harvest sweet] zinfandel and it is great..."
Angela N., USA – 7/13

"...I finally found a wine I could enjoy headache free. It has been a wonderful thing... Thanks Frey!"
Andrea B., Richmond, Texas – 6/13 

"...It is greatly appreciated no sulfites are added; it seems added sulfites cause headaches... Not being either a wine connoisseur or a food gourmet, I'm able to happily enjoy a simple delight in life..."
Velma H., Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 6/13

Thank you for providing a great product. I buy your organic sulfite free white table wine to cook with, as I have severe migraines and can't tolerate the chemicals in most wines..."
Leslie B., Chandler, Arizona – 6/13

"I just tried your chardonnay a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it!..."
Sabrina D., USA – 5/13 

"I finally have found a red that I can enjoy without the headache later!..."
Camille B., USA – 5/13 

"...I bought a bottle of your Pinot Noir about 8 months ago and have introduced it to many of our friends who really like it... I have to say thank you, we enjoy your Pinot Noir very much. It is now the only wine I buy... This is just a note from a fan."
Marianne E., Brooklyn, New York– 5/13

"We have been drinking only your wine for 20 years at least!..."
Nora C., USA – 5/13 

"...I love your red wines."
Jane B., Midland, Texas – 5/13

"I can't handle Sulfides but I love wine so Frey is the one for me. GREAT WINE"
Tim B., Casper, Wyoming – 5/13

"I am allergic to the sulfites in "regular wines" but I CAN Drink [your] Organic without side effects!!!"
Bryan S., Concord, South Carolina– 5/13

"I am allergic to sulfites and had given up wine. I recently discovered your Natural Red and am happy to report that I can now enjoy wine again! Thanks for making such a flavorful, robust, sulfite-free wine for the rest of us! Yay! Best part? No sweats or hives while enjoying!... Even my husband drinks it with me, he loves it so!"
Gail L., USA – 5/13

"...I came across the name of your wine and saw that it had no added sulfites.  I thought I would try it... and bought two delicious bottles.  Viola! No blow up, no red cheeks, no nose closing!  Thank you for allowing me to drink wine again."
Kitty R., Augusta, Georgia – 4/13

"...I just tasted your wine 30 min. ago, and I'm a new loyal costumer... I am not drinking any other wine at home. I'm going to try and get it on the list at my frequented restaurants as well..."
B.K., USA – 3/13

"...We wish you much success in your winery.  Loyal customers for life."
Gilda M., Elk Grove, California – 3/13

"I just discovered your wine yesterday at Whole Foods and bought two bottles of red. It is delightful and delicious. I think your method of farming is wonderful and I can feel the love in your product..."
Linda D., USA – 3/13

"...Your wine is the only brand I have found to be able to partake of without the risk of headaches and sinus problems. Thank you very much!"
Jane K., Boynton Beach, Florida – 2/13

"...The characteristic that it has no added sulfites is wonderful. I just love it and wanted to express how impressed I am with it! Thank you for this wine!"
Joshua C., Sugar Land, Texas – 2/13

"Last night we had the Natural White table wine... lovely, smooth. Definitely picked out the pear flavor. Delish!"
Tara L., Jamestown, North Dakota– 2/13

"The only wine I can drink with my allergies... Bad sulfites!"
Victor S., Spenard, Arkansas – 2/13

"Was having serious problems with asthma until last January when I quit drinking wine for a week. While abstaining I did some web research and found an article on NSA wines and found about Frey. No problems since since starting to drink Frey..."
Ray B., USA – 2/13 

"...I Love your Cab. It's time the rest of the world got a clue."
Loree B., USA – 2/13

"I just purchased a nice white wine of yours and it is light and fruity and I love it."
Ann W., Gainesville, Florida – 2/13

"I love your red organic wine. I started getting very bad headaches when I drank red wine... Someone recommended your wine, and I can drink it without getting headaches. And... I really like it!..."
Barbara, Atlanta, Georgia – 1/13

"I have found a new appreciation for wine... finally! I can enjoy a couple glasses without the headaches. THANK YOU so very much!!!"
Trisha K., Carson City, Nevada – 1/13

"...Thanks for making organic vegan wine!"
Josh P., Hadley, MA – 1/13

"We really enjoy your wine!... You provide a high quality product and we look forward to trying more varieties. Be well and God Bless you and your family."
Ira H., USA – 1/13

"I love your products... and spread the word every chance I get..."
Marian O., USA – 1/13

"I gave a bottle of biodynamic pinot noir and a bottle of the red table wine to a friend who is a wine fancier... She was delighted with them both. She described the pinot noir as "exquisite."
Ursula D., Auburn, CA – 1/13 

"...I certainly feel that Organic wines is the best choice because they are not sprayed with chemicals and pesticides and tend to have greater health benefits, and most importantly brighter flavors."
Pauline S., New Jersey – 12/12

" more wine-triggered migraines! Thank you Frey, I can still enjoy the wines I love from time to time :)"
Kimberly L., USA – 12/12

"...Frey [Dessertage] Port is the Best we have ever tasted in the entire world!"
Claire P., La Jolla, CA – 12/12

"...I think it is awesome that you do not put sulfites in your wine! Thank you!"
Beth D., USA – 12/12

"I love your wine, and will continue to be a regular customer of yours..."
Kate C., New Jersey – 12/12

"...Thank you for making your no-sulfite added wines... a few weeks ago, I tried several non-sulfite-added organic wines. Yours was the only one that had the richness of flavor I so missed – and without the headaches and stomach problems. What a blessing! I have been busy telling all my friends and family about your wines. I wish you all the success in the world."
Lauren C., USA – 12/12

"Thank you for making drinking wine a more transparent and healthy pastime. Wines made from organic grapes and free of added sulfites are the way of the future of wine drinking, I am sure. You are one giant step ahead of the others with your thoughtful approach to making wine."
Dan F., Roseville CA – 11/12

"...Your wine is the only wine I can drink without a headache the next day... Thank you very much."
Kay G., Aurora, IL – 11/12

"...I have recently been introduced to your wines. I love them."
Brenda J., Birmingham, AL – 10/12 

"Thank You for making Organic no sulfites wine... I love your wine."
Tim B., Casper, WY – 10/12

"...First glass of wine I've had in years and NO headache!..."
Paula D., USA – 10/12

"Wonderful wine; love the idea of organic, vegan, AND no added sulphites..."
C.P., Silver Creek, GA – 10/12

"...I am a few hours into drinking some Frey zinfandel and no side effects. I swore off wine because of the sickness I would experience about an hour in. This wine is so smooth! Love it!... I have a horrible reaction to sulfites so to drink this is heaven!""
Melissa R., Ocean County, NJ – 10/12

"It is one of the ONLY wines I can drink... I love FREY Wines!!!"
Margie H., USA – 9/12

"...I love your wine and think Frey is awesome."
Jack H., El Cerrito, CA – 9/1

"...I am allergic to sulfites... We found a bottle of your Merlot... took it on a picnic today. It was delicious... and no headache!..."
Carey L., TX – 9/12

"...We LOVE your wine, not to mention the other aspects that are important to us (organic, sustainability, no sulfates)!..."
Janine M., West Falls, NY – 9/12

"...thank you for making your wine organic!"
Noreen T., Yosemite, CA – 8/12

"The 2011 Sauvignon Blanc is outstanding in all respects. Crisp, light with a slight hint of citrus, the best NSA [no sulfites added wine] I've ever tasted."
Ray B., Rochester, NH – 8/12

"Our absolute favorite wine!..."
Natalie, USA – 8/12

"Goodbye sulfites... great wine"
Mary M., Boca Raton, FL – 8/12

"Thanks for making organic wines without sulfates!"
Denise P., Goleta, CA – 8/12

"I've recently been introduced to your wines and they are one of the only wines that I don't have an allergic reaction to!... I am a customer for life!..."
Kerry M., USA – 7/12

"You guys make some amazing wines. I am enjoying a glass of the Organic Zinfandel. No sulfites detected. Beautiful!"
John Z., USA – 7/12

"...very impressed with the Non GMO yeast, and fully organic and only natural sulfites. This is the first wine with the highest standards that I have encountered..."
Sandra O., USA – 7/12

"...Since I found you, I have really been enjoying drinking wine again. I quit drinking wine altogether because of the sulfites. Your wines are wonderful. Thank you so much for your dedication to making good wines."
R. S., Laguna Woods, CA – 7/12

"Just tried your North Coast Natural Red Organic wine. Superb..."
Richard S., Dunlap, TN – 7/12

"...Every single wine I've tried from you all has been nothing but wonderful..."
Sara, C., Austin, TX – 7/12

"... I cannot be more pleased with Frey wines!... It has been "love at first taste"... I have purchased and delighted in every variety available to me (including Sauvignon 2010, Sangiovese 2010, Syrah 2010, Petite Sirah 2010, and Chardonnay 2010)... am so appreciative to have the option of enjoying your most tasteful and beneficially organic wines! It is a joy each day that I enjoy a glass and have so eagerly shared my passion for your wines with family and friends! I most happily give your wines as gifts and I look forward to a life long and jubilant relationship with you! With sincerity and many thanks!"
Anna D., Greensburg, PA – 7/12

"This Wine is amazing! I was looking for an Organic solution to my love of wine and voila!"
J. P., USA – 6/12

"...I love your wines and hope you guys stay in business a looooong time."
Felix, USA – 6/12

"Your wines taste fantastic. No headaches later too!"
Kevin P., USA – 6/12

"A friend of mine gave me a bottle of your Pinot Noir wine last December as a Christmas gift and my husband, sister, brother-in-law and I all loved it so much at our annual Christmas Eve dinner. I recently asked my friend again "I've been meaning to ask you what was the name of that wine you gave me in December?" and she brought me another bottle of your Pinot Noir. I'm sitting here right now drinking it and it tastes just as delicious as when I remembered back on Christmas Eve. I can't drink any heavy dark red wines (Merlots) because of the sulfites which give me very bad migraines but your organic Pinot Noir does not do that at all. I'm no a wine connoisseur but I do know a delicious wine that appeals to me when I come across it. Thank you so much! I can't wait to try your other kinds of wines."
Bethany C., Sharon, MA – 6/12

"...DELICIOUS barely captures the usual beauty and exquisite flavor of your organic table wine."
Cindy N., Newburgh, IN – 6/12

"After developing a raging sulfite allergy that has kept me from drinking my beloved wine, I've been amazed at how delicious and satisfying your wine is! Thank you so much for making it!"
Kelsey B., Oakland, CA – 5/12

"...your wine is excellent. You landed a lifelong client with me."
Dave, USA – 5/12

"...thanks for all your diligent work to serve and offer such a pure and healthy wine:)"
Ashley D., Ellaville, GA – 5/12

"Just bought 2 bottles of the organic red table wine :-) I love it."
Jaquary M., Atlanta, GA – 4/12

"...I love this wine... Because it's low sulphites and organic, I am able to drink it."
Kristine J., Chico, CA – 4/12

...Great wine as always..."
Mark D., Las Cruces, NM – 4/12

"...I'm enjoying a glass of FREY Chardonnay as I write. My favorite wine!"
Kim L., USA – 4/12

"Tonight for dinner I made mushrooms in a butter and wine reduction over angel hair. The wine I brought home was Frey Natural Red table wine and I lucked out – it is so delicious! My fiancé thoroughly enjoyed the sauce I made, and happily sipped a wonderful glass of the wine with his dinner. I just wanted to email you the compliment and thank you. It is also fantastic that you make organic wine..."
Julie K., USA – 4/12

"...Thanks for producing low sulfide products."
Cindy M., Norfolk, VA – 3/12

"Someone brought two bottles of Frey Sangiovese to our Christmas party and it was the best wine I ever had..."
Molly D., USA – 3/12

"Love, Love, LOVE your wine! :) ♥ "
Sharon M., Ronkonkoma, NY – 3/12

"I received my wine today and the pinot noir is excellent..."
Glenda O., Talbott, TN – 3/12

"I have just now run across your wine in our local organic store. We purchased the North Coast Red Table Wine to try and have found it to be delicious!... Thank you for the wonderful wine..."
Heidi Y., Mt. Pleasant, MI – 3/12

"...Thanks again for making this great product... My wife and I will be enjoying your vino this evening – I bought several to keep for the upcoming Holidays..."
Kirk W., Scottsdale, AZ – 2/12

"...My husband and I have just discovered your wines. Since I have difficulty with sulfites, I am thrilled that I can tolerate the wine that are produced through your vineyards. My entire family is now looking to purchase more..."
Linda C., Manchester, NH – 2/12

"Years ago I had an excellent French table wine, unmatched until today. Your North Coast red table wine,  Natural Red organic, has finally provided me with a wine I can enjoy. Thank you."
William C., USA – 2/12

"Just tried the Cab Sauvignon and absolutely love it!!! A new favorite to add to my collection of fine Frey wines."
Loree B., Coram, NY – 2/12

"...Thanks for keeping it organic and biodynamic... The organic white wine was excellent – very smooth and warming."
Patrick P., Flagstaff, AZ – 2/12

"I used to do Taste of Redwood Valley from one end to the other, but in recent years I must confess, my participation in Taste of Redwood Valley begins at Frey and usually ends there, too. Full of good food and good wine and with a few cases of wine in the back seat. No need to make any other stops. Total fulfillment, courtesy of the best and healthiest wine ever!"
Deb B., Lake County, CA – 1/12

"The Petit Sirah is incredible..."
J.G., USA – 1/12

"Your wine is amazing, better than any I have ever had, and the best part for me is that it's totally vegan friendly!"
Kelley C., Simi Valley, CA – 1/12

"...My husband and I love the Frey Organic & Biodynamic red wines. The Petite Sirah is my absolute favorite and Frey is the only brand that I can drink..."
Anita B., Oklahoma City, OK –1/12

"Frey Wines are the only wines we drink! We used to get headaches from red wine until we went Organic with you! Love them!"
Rosy M., Miami, FL – 12/11 

"Love all your wines. I first had some at a benefit for an animal sanctuary last July and now they are the only wines I serve and enjoy."
Linda A., Burbank, CA – 12/11

"The Natural Red Table Wine is EXQUSITE!!! The only wine I drink. Crisp, fruity, fabulous. ☺"
Cindy N., Newburgh, IN – 12/11

"This is the best wine I've ever had."
Ryan S., West Plains, MO – 12/11

"...Thanks for making great wine, responsibly..."
Jarod C., Mars Hill, NC – 12/11

"I love red wine, but am sensitive to sulphites.  I stumbled across your Natural Red several years ago and am able to enjoy wine again.  Thanks for producing a good quality alternative for those of us with sulphite issues..."
Kris D., Marshall, WI – 11/11

"Organic table white & chardonnay were great company for our turkey last night! No head-ache today! Thanks."
Indago B., Santa Fe, New Mexico – 11/11

"I will never buy any other wine but Frey. It's my precious. (Sorry, I'm doing a Lord of the rings marathon.)"
Candace W., USA – 11/11

"...A friend of mine told me to try your Zinfandel, so I purchased a bottle and I am bringing it with me to my sister’s for Thanksgiving. Your wine is the only one that doesn’t bother me..."
Joyce D., Yaphank, NY – 11/11

"I just wanted to tell you that I love your wine. Thanks for making this wine, it is suburb to drink..."
Cynthia T., USA – 11/11

"...I learned a long time ago that I cannot drink wine with sulfates because they cause sever joint pain. I know this because I have allergies and monitor my food and drink input and reactions. It takes about 6 months for the sulfite pain reaction to go away from one glass of sulfated wine... I found Frey Organic Wine by searching for wines without sulfates and tried them. They don't cause the joint pain..."
Diane R., Bridgeport, Connecticut

"...Since I do react to synthetic sulfites I really enjoy having access to organic wines..."
Christine C., USA – 11/11 

"...I so enjoy your wine and appreciate that it exists as I went for 20 years without drinking wine until I discovered yours."
Adrienne G., USA – 11/11 

"...Keep up the great work and your wonderful wines!"
Ross B., Hopland, California – 11/11

"...Congratulations for always being above board and for winning the pinot award in France!"
S. O., USA – 11/11

" I have had allergic reactions to sulfites since I was 20. I am 61 today. This allergy kept me from drinking wine until a very short time ago when I discovered Frey... Frey is the single brand I drink. Period. I am told there are other nice ones, but this is the first that I can drink without turning red and breaking out in a sweat and having asthma..."
Caorl C., Lake Dallas, Texas – 11/11

"Your wines are valuable to us, because of my wife's allergy to added sulfites, which cause her severe headaches. We appreciate the purity and excellence of your wines..."
John R., Vienna, Virginia – 11/11

"...We have a few bottles of Zin and Sangiovese... so far they have all been fantastic!"
Stuart H., Canada – 11/11 

"Congratulations on being the first organic and biodynamic winery."
George C., Scott City, Missouri – 11/11

"Wine that is great and doesn't give me a headache. My husband can drink it too. No sulfites!!!"
Margaret W., USA – 10/11 

"...I like the idea that you don't have any Sulfites or preservatives..."
Sandra L., USA – 10/11 

"I absolutely love your wine! I am very sensitive to sulfites so thanks to you I am no longer left out when going to B.Y.O.B.s (bring-your-own-bottle restaurants)..."
K.S., USA – 10/11

"We have enjoyed 2008 Biodynamic Pinot Noir for the last 12 months..."
Ken F., Galveston, Texas – 10/11

"We have been purchasing your wine for our daughter for awhile.  She found out she was deathly allergic to sulfites and you have given back a great pleasure to her with your wines.  So, thank you."
Karen B., USA – 10/11 

"...I was thrilled to discover your wines [made without added] sulfites and am able to drink them without reaction..."
Vic M., Pennsylvania – 10/11 

"...I really like your Natural Red wine... Your wine has a softness that does not occur in other wines that are the same price, even if the bottle has been open a day or two. Thanks for that."
Joe K., Ohio – 10/11

"... I buy your wines often as I suffer from migraines and you have sulfite free wines..."
Pat H., Montrose, New York – 10/11

"...awesome Organic Wine, love it!"
Barbie L., Olympia, Washington – 10/11

"...I am one of those rare individuals that suffers a severe migraine headache (I actually have to go to my doctor for a shot!) with other wines where sulfites are added. I was so blessed to have found Frey Vineyards."
Marilyn D., Alta Loma, California – 10/11 

"Your wines saved my wine loving soul! I thought I had to give up wine due to my recently discovered allergy to sulfites... I especially like your organic Merlot and the biodynamic Cabernet Sauvignon, which I had tonight with rack of lamb and rosemary and thyme potatoes. I love to cook and your wines are a perfect companion to my cuisine! Bon appetite and cheers!"
K.S., La Quinta, California – 9/11

"I've been a really good customer of yours for about 5-6 years now and I've always enjoyed your Red table wine... I really like the fact that there are no sulfites in your wine... May God bless you in your work."
Barbara B., Austin, Texas – 9/11

"Love your wine, I don't get a headache... so happy I can buy it on the internet."
Patricia F., Chehalis, Washington – 9/11

"I had this fabulous wine on my wedding night... It was fabulous and now has such sentimental value!"
Ali A., USA – 9/11

"Thank you for producing such wonderfully conscious wines and educating farmers in the process..."
Vaughn L., North Carolina – 9/11

"I just received our first 6 bottles of Frey wine – wonderful, delicious, every positive adjective out there! I’m hooked!..."
Tracy R., Trinidad, Colorado

"...thanks for your wonderful company and fine wines."
Rebecca F., Auberry, California – 8/11

"You guys are a godsend to those of us with sulfite sensitivities. Thanks!"
Craig M., Spring, Texas – 8/11

"...We are very, very happy to have the opportunity to buy your red and white wine which is both organic and contains no sulfites..."
Mary C., Fort Thomas, Kentucky – 8/11

"This is the first red wine I have been able to drink without getting a headache. Plus it is really enjoyable."
Avis K., State College, Pennsylvania – 8/11

"I love your wine.. With many food allergies I can enjoy this wine without a reaction."
Jamie S., USA – 8/11 

"...Thank you for doing a great job and I pray you continue to help people through providing a great and natural product."
Andrew D., Kansas City, Missouri – 8/11

"... I have told many of my friends about your wine and have also shared many a glass (and bottles make great gifts – once people don't experience that morning-after headache they are hooked!..."
Loree, USA – 8/11

"Enjoyed your 2009 Frey organic Petite Syrah..."
Arun K., USA – 7/11

"...Frey Cabernet has become one of my absolute favorites and I now buy it just because it’s the best wine I’ve had in a very long time! I have allergies to some wines because of the sulfates and I appreciate the fact that you use organic processes and do your part to take care of the environment and your consumers!... Thank you for doing what you do!"
Kim F., USA – 7/11

"...I love your wine..."
Melanie., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 7/11

"...I am impressed by your refusal to add sulfites..."
Hilary V., Los Angeles, California – 7/11

"Included in our very first order from you was a bottle of Sangiovese. What a wonderful flavor! It is now my absolute favorite. I hope you will always have this terrific wine available to order. We are enthusiastically joining the Full Moon Wine Club and hope to try many more of your amazing wines."
Linda B., El Dorado Springs, MIssouri – 7/11

"Great biodynamic & organic wine!"
Frank F., Corpus Christi, Texas – 7/11

"I just finished my first glass of your Organic Red Table Wine and I promise it will be the first of many. I am no wine connoisseur, I just know what I like, and I loved the taste of this wine! I have very recently transitioned to eating an organic diet and this was my first time trying an organic wine. I'm thrilled to know that not only can I incorporate wine into my organic lifestyle, but I can do so without sacrificing any taste..."
Carmen, USA – 7/11

"I love Frey wine and the people who make it!..."
Lorien, USA – 6.11

"...My sister loves your wines because of the no sulfates..."
Anonymous, Ukiah, California – 6/11

"...I have a sulphite allergy and have not been able to enjoy wine for years until now! I am so glad to hear about your vineyard..."
Sue H., Charleston, South Carolina – 6/11

"My wife and I enjoy your wine. We are especially fond of your Natural Red..."
Bob W., USA – 6/11

"...We're really enjoying the organic red table wine – has an excellent, smooth flavor, pairs nicely with the cheeses we're making at home, and we'll be drinking (slowly) more! Thanks for the great work."
Dave C., Cambridge, Massachusetts – 6/11

"...I was glad to read that you introduced organic yeast in this year's vintages, which according to my understanding makes your ingredients 100% organic. We drink Frey wines exclusively..."
Ralph B., Santa Cruz, California – 5/11

"Just had a bottle of your 2008 Mendocino Zinfandel with my Cajun-style BBQ baby back ribs (local, small family-farm produced). It was an excellent wine and pairing!"
John C., USA – 5/11

"My husband enjoys red wine, but I have always developed a severe headache. While shopping at Noonan's in Hamilton, Ohio, I mentioned the headaches to the store employee and he suggested I try the Frey brand. We purchased the Natural Red Table Wine. Loved the taste and no headache. Thank you for taking the time and effort to be organic."
Donna O., Hamilton, Ohio – 5/11

"...We’re big fans!"
Warren R., Springfield., Illinois – 5/11

"I have gone through several cases of your Organic Cabernet Sauvignon... enjoyed it..."
Sandy., USA – 5/11

"...We love Frey wines. As a founder of a Waldorf school... I only purchase Frey, both the organic and biodynamic. Especially the biodynamic, in keeping with Rudolf Steiner!"
Pattie R., USA – 5/11

"Delicious wine!..."
Margo J., Washington CD – 5/11

"...I'm so impressed with your wines..."
Joy V., USA – 5/11

"...I am happy to have found your organic, very high quality wines. Thanks"
Jaclyn, USA – 5/11

"...We are definitely buying more of your red wine due to the fact that my daughter and several friends have reactions to sulfite. They were very pleased with the taste of Frey and the fact that they had no reactions. Thank you."
Judy K., USA – 5/11

"...this was a fabulous bottle of wine (2008 Pinot Noir), and we thoroughly enjoyed it down to the last... and thanks for taking a biodynamic approach. It is much appreciated that I can drink some wine (can't handle brands w/ sulfites)."
Karin C., USA – 5/11 

"...We buy Pinot Noir at least 3x a week. Love this wine..."
Evelyn F., USA – 4/11

"Amazing wines... amazing people!"
Milli F., Little Rock, Arkansas – 4/11 

"I would like to say how happy i am. I wasn't able to drink wine for 10 years. Then my boyfriend found FREY. I am so excited because now I can finally enjoy a nice glass of wine. I have been telling all my friends and family about the wine because I have no side affects from your wine. I would like to thank you so much for creating this product. My favorite is Natural White and Syrah. Thank you again. It's nice to be able to drink wine again!"
Dana N., USA – 3/11

"I love your Pinot Noir. I was drinking Cavit for many years and now am getting headaches. A friend suggested I try organic. I'm sold..."
Carol G., Delaware – 3/11

"...we absolutely love your wine. We're very big into organic food and drink in our household and Frey wines are by far the best we've tried..."
Jennifer L., Heath, Ohio – 1/11

"...I loved the 2009 Petite Syrah and the 2007 biodynamic Syrah... Thank you so much..."
Michael H., USA – 3/11

"Thank you for putting my beloved occasional glass of wine back into my sulfite-sensitive, migraine-riddled life! *hugs*"
Lizzy M., USA – 3/11 

"...Being VERY new to the joys of wine, we feel so lucky to have found Frey Wines. Thank you!"
Michael G., Savanna, Illinois – 3/11

"You don't know how excited I was when I found your website! We are always trying to buy as much as we can that is organic or sustained!..."
Sylvia H., Manteca, California – 3/11

"I love your wine..."
Dave, USA – 3/11

"Frey Wines are my ULTIMATE Favorite. I look for them everywhere I go."
Loretta W., Oak Cliff, Texas – 3/11 

"...Love the organic, non-GMO, non sulfite. Very good, very good."
Jennifer B., USA – 3/11

"...Great wine..."
Dennis J., Modesto, California – 3/11

"Had your wine at a Beyond Pesticides conference in NC. It was a red and great. Thanks!"
Katina W., USA – 3/11 

"...We often enjoy your Frey wine, and are pleased that we can buy it locally for our organic friends. We introduced Frey wine to a friend who thought he had to give up wine due to the sulfites, and he has also been pleased..."
Elaine F., USA – 2/11

"...I will seek out your product locally so I can share it with my family and friends. Thank you for being Organic and caring..."
Steven F., Massachusetts – 2/11

"...We love the Frey Organic Red Wine..."
Carla K., Hideaway, Texas – 2/11

"...I like your wines."
M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 2/11

"Thank you for such an awesome product! After one bottle, my husband and I are big fans. I know we will buy your wine often."
Martha S., USA – 2/11

"...I love your red wines and my all-time favorite is sangiovese. I buy it by the cases! Everyone who shares it with us loves it..."
Loree B., Coram, New York – 1/11

"...I love your wines and the fact that they are vegan..."
Ashley O., New Jersey – 2/11

"...Your wines are fabulous and we've been sharing with lots of friends..."
Kathy H., Wyoming – 2/11

"...[Your wine] is always the best wine in flavor and also it doesn't bother my allergies. I highly recommend to my friends and family..."
Rebecca N., Cincinnati, Ohio – 1/11

"...I love your wine! I am terribly allergic to sulfites and gluten, and I love that I can drink this worry-free. I just shared a bottle of the "Natural Red" last night with some friends at a dinner party and it was loved by all!..."
Marisa M., Michigan – 1/11

"Your wine is exceptionally good..."
Anthony R., Nesconset, New York – 1/11

"Just found your website. Fabulous! GREAT to find organic wine!"
Marlene B., Missouri – 1/11

"i just bought your sangiovese... i loved that it was organic.... i love the taste... i must say that your wine was very smooth... and tasteful... i just thought that i would share this with you and certainly tell my other family about your wine."
Sarah M., USA – 1/11

"We enjoyed our first bottle of Frey, Natural Red Organic Wine and love it...!"
Linda J., Eden Prairie, Minnesota – 1/11

Greetings from India! Love your family, love your wine."
Susan R., India – 1/11

"...I am a real fan and am very happy I found your vineyard and will not buy any other wines..."
John D., Corte Madera, California – 12/10

"I love your wines and hope you guys are around for a long time..."
Felix, USA – 12/10

"...Thank you for making your delicious vegan wine!
Erica L., New Jersey – 12/10

"Thank you for making sulfite-free wines available in Washington State. My entire family is allergic to sulfites!"
Linda D., Camano Island, Washington – 12/10

"Love your wine... Great taste!"
Rocco G., USA – 12/10 

"I love this wine! I no longer have headaches when I drink this wine. Thank you!"
Elvia L., Venice, Florida – 11/10 

"Thank you again for your commitment to producing organic wines!"
Brandon T., Washington DC – 11/10

"...Just wanted to tell you that the bottle of [Frey] wine... at our 30 yr. reunion was a smash at our Thanksgiving dinner with family... Thank you."
Denise, USA – 11/10 

"Your Zinfandel is excellent! I've become allergic to many things and I'm suspecting sulfites are among the culprits. I really appreciate your efforts to keep your wines organic and additive free..."
Liz, USA –11/17

"Thank you! Your sangiovese is my all time favorite wine!"
Rachel M., Frisco, Colorado – 11/10

"Thank you! Because of you our daughter can enjoy wine again, without the sulfites."
Karen B., Wichita Falls, Texas – 11/10

"Just wanted to drop you folks a note saying thanks so much for producing organic, no sulfite quality wines! I very much enjoy your Cab! Keep up your great work, and I'll help spread the word!"
Bob S., USA – 11/10

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wine. Thank you!"
Renee C., USA – 11/10 

"Thank you for making biodynamic wine! Because of a severe allergy to sulfites I haven't been able to enjoy a glass of wine in a long time. Last night we polished off a bottle of your 2008 Merlot and over the weekend we enjoyed a bottle of your Cabernet... I was so happy to find Frey's wine in a local store here on Long Island..."
Erika M., Merrick, New York – 11/10

"Sangiovese is my FAVE! I am so thankful that they make these wines because I too could not drink any wine because of allergies. No problem with Frey. My friends and family love the Frey also and some are learning that you don't get that morning-after headache without the added sulfites. Thanks Frey!"
Loree B., USA – 11/10

"So happy to find you. So far your organic whites are the only wines that don't give me a migraine."
Deborah L., Lakeside, California – 10/10

"...We are great lovers of wine, but are allergic to any with added sulfites."
Shannon R., Elgin, South Carolina – 10/10

"It's the only wine that doesn't give my wife migraines. Thanks."
William M.., Vero Beach, Florida – 10/10

"To everyone involved in the production of your wines, I just wanted to thank you so much for all your effort. For years I've had to deal with having terrible headaches every time I've had wine due to sulfite sensitivity, and on a chance visit to one liquor store, I saw your wines under an "organic & sulfite-free" labeling. I can't be any happier after purchasing your Cabernet Sauvignon. Not only does it not bother me, it's a wonderful wine! I want to thank you for making organic wines with low levels of sulfites, and I hope that you continue to make them into the future!"
Virginia A., USA – 10/10 

"I have yet to crack a bottle of your wine that hasn't been fantastic and wonderful!! Thank you!"
Lauren W., San Francisco, California – 10/10

"...The 2009 Sangiovese is right on. Keep doing what you do."
Melinda B., Caspar, California – 10/10

" I was introduced to your Natural White by my daughter and love love love it!..."
Judy C., Fort Myers, Florida – 10/10

"The biodynamic syrah is just amazing!"
James S., Topanga, California – 10/10

"I have long been impressed by the quality of your wines..."
S.O. USA – 9/10

"Just became histamine intolerant and can't drink wine with added sulfites..."
Adele S., Bozeman, Montana – 9/10

"I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to find a wine that does not add any sulfites and is organic! Thank you!"
Laura, USA – 9/10

" are all I drink now, because you clearly don't add sulfites... I know I'm still allergic to sulfites as a recent dental experience proved!"
Linda P., USA – 9/10

"I can only drink sulfite free wine... please never change your sulfite free practices..."
Terry M., Oro Valley, Arizona – 9/10 

"I am thrilled to find a wine that doesn't immediately stuff up my nose and give me a horrible headache..."
Kelly S., USA – 9/10

"All wines I have tasted are wonderful; thank you for offering your yummy wares in a sulfite-infused world!..."
Teri C., USA – 9/10

"...Love your wine!..."
Tammy W., Rensselaer, New York – 9/10 

"...the wines are great, looking forward to more."
Dennis G., USA – 9/10 

"...thank you for your... commitment upon which you and your company stand. You will not only get my support, but I will tell my friends as well."
Dr Gary R., USA – 9/10 

"...I tried the Natural White and Red last night and liked them both. I'll be recommending them..."
Alan D., San Diego, California – 9/10

"I am extremely allergic to sulfites. I was so excited when I discovered your organic wine..."
Edi D., USA – 9/10

"...I love your wine..."
Shan E., USA – 9/10 

"...We enjoyed a Syrah last Sunday, very good..."
Toni H., San Fernando Valley, California – 9/10 

"...Have always enjoyed your organic wine..."
Bernadine D., USA – 9/10 

" The best wine from the best of people! Frey Wine makes you feel good, with none of the side effects from non organic wines. I was shocked to hear how many additives are potentially present in non organic wines. Hurray for Frey!"
Ramona T., Ukiah, California – 9/10

"...thanks for making organic wine available. It's a good thing!"
Darrell, Petaluma, California – 8/10

"...I was happy to have some of your wine on the Taste of Health cruise back in March... I am looking forward to serving wine that is in tune with my values. Thanks!"
Kristi M., Chicago, Illinois – 8/10

"...I tried the Late Harvest Zin over the weekend and it was wonderful..."
Jamie T., Tampa, Florida – 8/10 

"...appreciate it that you make good and affordable organic wines!"
Takako N., East Windsor, New Jersey – 8/10 

" wife will only drink wines without sulfites, and she loves your wines!"
Karl M., Wyckoff, New Jersey – 7/10

"I am delighted to have found your lovely organic and biodynamic wines. I buy organic and preferably biodynamic wines almost exclusively and since returning to the US have been sampling all the wines you produce..."
Deirdre S., USA – 7/10 

"I love wine. My husband and I were in wine clubs and attended wine tasting, and then it happened: an asthma attach. I became allergic to sulfites. For three years I did not drink wine. I missed tasting wine terribly. We would go from wine shop to wine shop and ask if they had wine that did not have sulfites. Finally we found your wine in a shop about 1 1/2 miles from our home... Thank you so very much for making wine without sulfites!"
Aggie K., Illinois – 7/10

"I was so happy to find your wine sold at Whole Foods in Sacramento! I'm allergic to sulfites and your wine is wonderful!"
Jeanne H., Roseville, California – 7/10

"OMG, this red is my FAVORITE! I call it my "headache-free" wine and I take it with me everywhere we go! Avoiding the sulfites has made my red-drinking so much more enjoyable!"
Sunny P., USA – 7/10

" Love this wine! I discovered it when I was diagnosed with asthma and learned I had to avoid added sulfites, thought my wine drinking days were over. Then I found this wine and I was set "Frey"... Thanks for making it..."
Robin H., Bronx, New York – 6/10

"Always top notch!"
Mark D., Las Cruces, New Mexico – 6/10

"My girlfriend and I recently discovered your wine free of sulfates and we absolutely loved the Cabernet Sauvignon and enjoyed 2 bottles over the past week. Your wine is especially great since she is allergic to sulfates and cannot drink other wines without suffering a monstrous headache..."
Chip G., Tustin, California – 6/10

"Thanks for the great wine. Most other wine gives me pain from the sulfites."
Jenny S., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 5/10

"...This wine is very good!"
Darren F., USA – 5/10

"...I opened the 2008 Frey Cabernet Sauvignon last night and thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Fabulous!"
Kim, San Francisco, California – 5/10

"You saved the day! Love your wines, only brand I can have!..."
Christine C., Clifton, New Jersey – 5/10

"We love Frey Organic Wines. We found them when we lived in California. Both my husband and I are sulfite sensitive and these wines are great."
Caren W., USA – 4/10

"Finally discovered a wine I can drink! Missed wine for years and years because of a severe sulfite allergy. And being Italian, red wine flows through our veins so I am doubly glad to have found y'all.
Fred N., USA – 4/10

"...Just finished our first bottle of your organic 2008 Sauvignon Blanc. Wow, what a great wine, served with free range chicken, roasted cauliflower and pesto with a spinach and zucchini salad. Nice, real nice!"
Karen A., Greencastle, Pennsylvania – 4/10

"Recently I discovered your organic sulfites free wine and now I'm a huge fan. Thanks for creating this product!"
Cynthia W., Charlottesville, Virginia – 4/10

"I had my 1st sip of Frey red table tonight... OMG! The best ever, organic and sulfite free; couldn't ask for more!"
Lynn H., Charleston, South Carolina – 4/10

"Enjoying a very fine 2006 Frey Biodynamic Cabernet Sauvignon here tonight! Exquisite!"
Louis C., Washington D.C. – 4/10

"The Zinfandel is amazing!"
Nathan L., Anchorage, Alaska – 4/10

"Thank you so much for making all your wines vegan!! Makes it so much easier to shop and to know which wineries to support"
Nancy A., USA – 4/10

"...I’d like to share my appreciation for the no-sulfites in your wines..."
Carl K., Louisiana – 4/10

"My hubby & I are huge fans of your lovely organic wines!"
Chloe M., Queens, New York – 4/10

"I had the Syrah last night and loved what it didn't do to me. It was pretty good too. I can drink wine again! Thank you!!!"
Christina P., Washington D.C. – 3/10

"Loved the tasting at the Natural Products Expo this weekend. Your wines continue to be proof-positive that excellent organic wines are possible, while refuting the bogus concept that chemical intervention is somehow needed to make memorable wine!"
Cary L., USA – 3/10

"...The best wine in our county and beyond. No-sulfites make a huge difference the next morning as well as the health issues. The taste is splendid indeed!
Raschelle H., Lakeport, California – 3/10

"I wish more restaurants would serve Frey. It's the only wine I can drink and I would love to be able to have a glass when dining out."
Deb F., Columbia, South Carolina – 3/10 

" husband and I ordered several bottles of wine from you and we enjoyed them all... It is the best!"
Lynn B., USA – 3/10

"I am a lover of your Biodynamic Chardonnay..."
Lisa R., Sacramento, California – 3/10

"I like very much the Frey wines because they are organic with no sulfites..."
Elisabeta A., USA – 3/10 

"...I buy a lot of your wine because it doesn't contain the sulfites and it's one of the few I can drink that I really enjoy..."
Anna P., Sicklerville,  New Jersey – 3/10 

"Being vegans we absolutely love your wine! Thanks for all you do!"
Kim L., Atlanta, Georgia – 2/10

"Every time I open up a bottle of Frey Syrah, I am reminded why I ordered it. The wines are fabulous..."
Dawn B., USA – 2/10

"...I'm so allergic to sulfites. Yours is the only USA wine I can enjoy..."
Pam P., USA – 2/10

"I love your wines! I pick 'em up each trip back home and serve them wholeheartedly."
Donnie M., Los Angeles, California – 2/10 

"LOVE that your wine has no sulfites added--no more headache!"
April B., Vancouver, Washington – 2/10

"...I LOVE your wines and I really LOVE that they are natural & organic..."
Laura K., USA – 2/10

"I'm proud to be a Frey Wine Fan. A clean aroma with no sulfite hangover."
Ted B., Santa Rosa, California – 2/10

"The greatest thing about your wine is what's NOT in it.... sulfites! Thank you so much for offering us a choice. I can have a glass without a trip to the emergency room!"
Cheryl G., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 2/10 

"I've only tried the natural white so far, but I have to say that it has become my new favorite wine! Thank you Frey Vineyards for making such a fine product and even more, for being environmentally responsible! I'm recommending your wine to all my friends."
Marni C., USA – 2/10

"Love this wine...was getting head aches from all other wine, but this wine keeps me feeling great. Ha, ha!!!!"
Marcia W., USA – 2/10 

"So nice to have a great US product without the sulfites!..."
Kelly D., San Diego, California – 2/10 

"I love your wine for I have developed a sulfite allergy and yours was the only brand I could find..."
Cassandra P., New York, New York – 2/10

"Until we discovered your sulfite free organic wines, wine was something my husband had to avoid. Not anymore!..."
Mary G., Minnesota – 2/10

"I sincerely enjoyed the wine selections I received...  The wine easily is one of my favorites, and I'm glad I ordered.  Thank you."
Stephanie C., Liberty, North Carolina – 2/10

"I have been drinking your 'Natural Red' wine for about two years now, and am very pleased with it. I especially like the fact that it is organic and sulfite free..."
Leonard, Santa Cruz, California – 2/10

"...I must say that we greatly enjoy your wines. I am sulfite intolerant so I was thrilled when I found it... We have bought your wine for many years... It's part of our daily life..."
Christie L., Roseburg, Oregon – 2/10

"I love your wines! Thank you for making organic sulfite free wines."
B. W., Borrego Springs, California – 1/10

"...Three cheers for you!..."
Ann W., Holland, Michigan

"We were first drawn to your Frey red wine because it was organic and didn't contain sulfites. But after our first glass, what an incredible experience! We have fallen in love with what we consider the finest red wine available. Thank you so much for your commitment to sustainability AND quality. Your wine is a welcome addition to our lives..."
Beth D., Reston, Virginia – 1/10

"...I have just finished, right now, a bottle of your organic Pinot 2008 which I found amazingly good..."
Dan S., USA – 1/10 

"I love the fact that your wines are sulfite free..."
Vanessa P., USA – 1/10 

"...keep up the fantastic work! I wish all farmers and businesses thought of the whole process, not just the bottom line..."
Christine C., Dewdney, British Columbia – 1/10

"I had been unable to drink wine for many years after I developed a sensitivity to sulfides.  A friend introduced me to your wines a couple of years ago and I have enjoyed them since..."
Randy R., USA – 12/09

"...Sangiovese was our runaway favorite. Fantastic wine!"
Alexandra P., Mill Valley, California – 12/09

"...I really enjoyed getting a chance to try your wine... Good stuff!"
Judd K., USA – 12/09

"...We love your wine... and won't drink any other wine..."
Jeremiah W., Hermosa Beach, California – 12/09

"...[It was when I tasted] a bottle of petite syrah that I was hooked. I had never had it before and loved it, just loved it. Thanks so much."
Eliza W., USA – 12/09

"...Frey is the only wine I purchase."
Beverley G., Washington State – 12/09

"...Your wines taste wonderful. I loved it so much that I joined your mailing list."
Tess, USA – 12/09

"Just wanted to say how much I love your wines. I can't have wine with sulfites and thoroughly believe in organics. Your wines are so flavorful, rich and the best part is I don't get headaches. Keep up the great work..."
Ruth H., Arizona – 12/09

"...I have introduced this wine to my Husband, Mother, Sister and my Nieces and when they come visit they rave about the taste.  Now my Husband & I tell everyone we know about Frey's wine... you have a great product!"
Lisa S., USA – 12/09

"...The Cab was very good..."
Jay F., Wallingford, Connecticut – 12/09

"...very impressed with the wines I sampled..."
George W., USA – 12/09 

"I truly enjoy going to your website and just reading about what you have done!... I think your entire modus operandi is fantastic, Bravo!..."
Derek M., Edmonton, Canada – 11/09

"I really enjoy your wine. I appreciate the fact that you use organically grown grapes and don't add any sulfites to your wine..."
Andrew D., Charleston, South Carolina – 11/09

"I am writing just to let you know we support your efforts to produce a non-GMO, organic, and sulfite-free product. Keep it up, the world is interested!..."
R. Z., North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – 11/09

"Thank you, your wine is awesome. My husband can't drink sulfides so we can't drink a glass with each other but with your wine we can!"
B., Canton, Texas – 11/09

"...I recently purchased your wine and it is great!"
Nancy S., USA – 11/09

"...we tried the Syrah and we love it..."
Jens, USA – 11/09

"...have been a fan of your winery and its pioneering ways for years..."
Raman F., San Francisco, California – 10/09

"I have been enjoying your organic no-sulfites-added red wines..."
Tamara, USA – 10/09

"Your wines are superb. I and my friends... enjoy at every meeting... Thank you for making them."
Robert T., Des Moines, Washington – 10/09

"I'm trying both your Natural Red Organic Wine and Organic Zinfandel wines for the first time today and let's just say you have a fan..."
Tupac A., USA – 10/09

"...Thank you for making organic, sustainable, wine... The wine was perfect... "
Raquel H., Pasadena, California – 10/09

"I like your white table wine..."
Jay H., USA – 10/09 

"Thanks for being the organic, sustainable, GMO-free winery / agricultural ranch that you are. I am so proud and happy that places such as yours exist – only in California! I hope you will be able to continue your work without mishap or repeal of this great Mendocino GMO-free ordinance you have been so instrumental in passing... Thanks for your amazing work and legacy. You WILL make history!"
Johanna G., USA – 10/09 

"Yay for being Organic..."
Blake K., Arlington Heights, Illinois – 10/09

"I recently tasted your wine at the opening of "Ja Nene" in San Luis Obispo. Delicious!..."
Cynthia L., Arroyo Grande, California – 10/09

"I suffered serious migraines and had to remove wine from my diet, but since I've had your wine, I can happily drink headache free! I also love how good you are to the environment..."
Tiffany W., Vancouver, Washington –10/09

"...My wife and I have been a customer for the past four years and have never been disappointed. The prices are very reasonable for very good quality and consistent wine."
Bill H., Manhattan Beach, California – 9/09

"I really enjoy your wine. I appreciate the fact that you use organically grown grapes and don't add any sulfites to your wine..."
Andrew D., South Carolina – 9/09

"...keep up the good work."
Alicia S., USA – 9/09

"...I enjoy your wine very much..."
Bob B., Florida – 9/09

"...I do love the information you put out on the web, and I loved your concerns for the bees... Happy I did find your company..."
Christer H., Norway – 9/09

"I bought a bottle of your red table wine which is delicious... I have recently developed a sensitivity to sulfites beyond the usual headache much to my chagrin and was pleased to find a wine that did not use them. Thank you." 
A. L., USA – 9/09

"We love your wines, as does my mother-in-law... and we try to send her a box every year..."
Aileen P., Lake Wales, Florida – 9/09

"I have to start by saying how much I enjoy your wines, especially your
chardonnay and your sauvignon blanc. My brother and now sister in law
ordered your wine for their wedding last year and everyone loved it!... Thank you!
Jessica, USA – 9/09

"You can feel the passion, the commitment to an outstanding wine making! Excellence in every step of the process. Thanks to everyone."
Ricardo D., Miami, Florida – 9/09 

"It is great to hear you do not add sulfites to your wine..."
Frank R., England, United Kingdom – 9/09

"I've been a wine drinker my whole life. I started to get headaches and unpleasant affects when drinking my favorite wines after I turned 40 years old. Recently, I was browsing my favorite liquor store and came across a new display of your organic wines. They intrigued me because they were organic (which I favor in all products) and they were reasonably priced. I bought the white table wine and chardonnay. I LOVE IT! I am very impressed by the delicate taste and no more headaches or other side affects!... I will only buy your wine from now on. Can't wait to try the reds! Thank you so much for putting such a high quality product on the market that is priced correctly. I'm a new, but definitely converted fan! I will recommend your wines to all my friends."
Dawn H., Vineland, New Jersey – 9/09

"I purchased one of your Cabs...  I really enjoyed it and hope to find it again.  Plus, I am very allergic to sulfides, so finding this wine (and that it actually was good!), was a great find... Thank you!"
Marilyn K., Placitas, New Mexico – 9/09

"I am very allergic to sulfites. So I drink your wine, which is excellent. I love red wine and I like to make a special occasion out of opening a bottle. Your wine does not make me ill and it is an utter delight. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Patricia J., Clinton Township, Michigan – 8/09

"A close friend of mine gave me a bottle of Frey's 2007 North Coast Zinfandel... I am severely allergic to sulfites and haven't been able to enjoy a glass a wine in over nine years without suffering from an allergic reaction. I nearly cried when I took my first sip of this bottle of wine last night. Thank you for making a truly sulfite-free wine..."
Maureen G., Halifax, Nova Scotia – 8/09

"My brother had given me a bottle of your red table wine. I loved it. No more acid indigestion or headache..."
Cathy B., Webster, Massachusetts– 7/09

"I think you make great organic wine..."
Jeff B., USA – 9/09

"This is the second case of wine that I have bought from you. You have wonderful wine!..."
Lori C., Montgomery, Minnesota – 7/09

"...your wine is sulfite free and organic. Yeah!..."
Helene F., USA – 7/09

"...I have been unable to drink wine for the last 3 years due to allergies to the sulfites etc. I have changed my diet to eating only healthy and organic foods... I have had 2 small glasses of your Red the past 2 weekends and have not reacted. I am so excited as I really have missed the taste of good wine... I'm sharing your wine and website with friends who also like organic and sulfite free and I'm sure we will be buying much more of it!! Thank you."
Linda N., USA – 7/09

"Your wine is great. Having no-added-sulfites-wine makes a huge difference. I really have enjoyed your wine. Thanks for making it."
Gloria M., USA – 7/09

"...Thank you for doing what you do so well."
Michael B., Portland, Oregon – 7/09

"...Thanks... and keep making organic sulfite free wines."
 Tom B., Springport, Michigan – 7/09

"Thank you for making great organic sulfate free wine. Just wanted to say thanks. I'm trying to get healthy - but I love my wine! Thank you for making a healthy option. (I discovered you thru the Skinny Bitch book)..."
Trish, USA – 7/09

"I am a new fan of your brand..."
Paula M., Alpharetta, Georgia – 7/09

"I have a severe allergy to sulfites so I have been drinking your wines for years. I love your No Sulfite Added wines..."
Myrah H., USA – 7/09

"Congratulations on producing an elegant, fruity Cabernet wine..."
Gayne T., USA – 7/09

"Frey Wines are the greatest!!"
Dale V., Holland, Michigan – 7/09

"...I love the production philosophy, the same I use in my organic gardens! I definitely want to support a wonderful family effort!"
T. M., Long Beach, California – 7/09

"...Keep up the good work!"
Raymond S., USA – 7/09

"... I am allergic to sulfites so I always buy your reds at Trader Joe's..."
Monique T., South Lake Tahoe, California – 6/09

"...We love your wines..."
Rick, USA – 6/09

"Last night, we had a very successful... dinner gathering!... We enjoyed very much Frey Wine! Thank you so much..."
Magalie B., USA – 6/09

"... I came across my favourite – 2006 Syrah from your vineyard – and became absolutely obsessed with it..."
Ana T., Toronto, Canada – 6/09

"...We loved the wine."
Tracy Y., Wisconsin – 6/09

"...I love your wines. After drinking it, I never feel the kind of unpleasant symptoms that often come after wine with added sulfites..."
Marion F., Richmond, California – 6/09

"...we buy your table red by the half case nearly every time we get to Whole Foods! It is WONDERFUL!"
Marynelle L., Springfield, Virginia – 6/09

"...we love your wine..."
Kelly H., Basalt, Colorado – 5/09

"...I drink your natural red every night... I love your wine!!"
Melanie, USA – 5/09 

"I was introduced to your wines and really enjoy them - thank you!..."
Julie F., USA – 5/09

"...I have recently discovered your wines in whole foods in CA, and quite like the zinfandel..."
Jeanette R., Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada – 5/09

"...I can't even drink one glass of wine with sulfites without getting a headache that lasts all the next day. I'm very happy to have found your wine!..."
Lori C., Montgomery, Minnesota – 4/09

"My husband and I have enjoyed your wine for years, and have told our friends how much we enjoy it!  We used to order if from you, but have been fortunate to find it now in many stores around our area. We are from Illinois, and have enjoyed your wine on our travels as well, most recently in Colorado..."
Ruth F., Illinois – 4/09

"...I admire your dedication ..."
Kingsley M., USA – 4/09

"Really enjoyed a bottle [of '07 Sauvignon Blanc] this at Easter... Lovely nuttiness to the wine and nice and dry. Looking forward to trying your Zin which seems unlike any  I've ever tasted. Keep on making unique wines, thanks."
Mike B., USA – 4/09

"Nice people, Great wine! I've been ordering from them for 7 years now."
Mark D., Las Cruces, New Mexico – 4/09 

"...I love your wine and can't wait to try the Library Syrah!!!"
Nicholas T., Farmingdale, New York – 4/09

"Thank you for selling this wonderful wine..."
Adam G., Aliso Viego, California – 4/09

"...As a senior citizen and one not able to consume sulfite wines... Enjoy your product and newsletter very much..."
Ken M., USA, – 4/09

"...I really like the newsletter and your site. I still drink and recommend your wine!... My very best to you and the amazing work you do to educate people about organic, sustainable and biodynamic wine..."
Holly  H., California – 4/09

"...I really enjoy your wine... Thank you."
Beth E., Bethel Island, California – 4/09

"I just want to thank you for sharing your new website/blog with us. We have visited your winery several times and enjoyed your hospitality, beautiful setting, friendly dogs, and the opportunity to purchase our favorite Frey wines. Now, I can return whenever I get the urge by simply clicking my mouse."
Ginger K., Yorba Linda, California – 4/09

"...I am sulfite intolerant and your wine is one of the few I can drink..."
F., Pennsylvania – 4/09

"...I think your wine is some of the best I have had..."
Calantha C., USA – 4/09

"I really enjoy your wines and so appreciate that they are organic and sulfite free..."
Chery, USA – 3/09

“...Your wine is beyond amazing. I take it to parties and friends never go back...”
Fran, USA – 2/09

“...I do enjoy your wines...”
 Penny G., USA – 2/09

“...THE Fabo! Cab. and Petite Sirah. are amazing!  Thanks!”
Angela, Lakeport, California – 1/09

“On a recent trip to Florida I decided on my wife’s urging to try your Merlot.  Quite a decision, since I have for many years suffered significant headaches and other allergic reactions to wines. Loved the wine and absolutely no adverse reactions.  In fact, during our 10 day stay, I enjoyed 3 more bottles – probably more wine than I have consumed over the last year!...”
R. S., Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 1/09 

"Keep up the great work. I need organic, no sulfites added. Thanks!"
Krys, USA – 1/09

"...I eat and drink organic foods almost exclusively... and was thankful when my mother had me try your wines..."
Mark S., Meridian, Idaho – 1/09

"...Since I can only drink no-sulfite-added wines, I really appreciate your line of excellent yet reasonably-priced organic wines."
David B., Campbell, California – 1/09

"...We tried a bottle of your Organic White table wine tonight, and enjoyed it!... Thank you for your delicious organic wines!..."
Pat, St. Louis, Missouri – 1/09

"We are big fans of your Red Table Wine and regularly enjoy bottles of it. Thank you for being innovators and producing delicious wines that are organic and  sulfite free..."
Kim N., San Francisco, California – 1/09

"... I purchased some of your wines at a local organic health store (Evermans Natural Foods) and let me tell you, you have a new customer... Please keep up the great work and products!..."
Todd C., Pensacola, Florida – 1/09

"...I love your organic wine. I was having problems with the added sulfites in other wines. Your wine tastes great and I don't experience the problems with it like I was with others..."
Lisa T., USA – 1/09

"...wanted to drop a line to say how much my wife and I enjoy your wine. We eat all organically, and enjoy your table red almost daily. It's great to have a wine that is organic, sulfite free. We drink the biodynamic wine also. And we get it all easily at the Viroqua coop! Thanks, and keep up the great work."
Ted P., Viroqua, Wisconsin – 1/09

"I just recently purchased a bottle of your Organic Pinot Noir.  I love the taste and truly enjoy the fewer sulfates..."
K. Foley, USA – 12/08

"I have recently purchased many of your organic wines and enjoy them very much. I have a sulfite allergy and your wines are a godsend..."
Jim S., USA – 11/08

"...My wife loves your wine..."
Mert S., Santa Rosa, California – 11/08 

"...thank you!!!! I LOVE the wine..." 
Cyndi, USA – 11/08

"I've just tasted your 2006 Syrah and found it stunning in the positive. It will be the star wine at the table this thanksgiving... I will tell my wine-friends of the remarkable integrity of this product... just floored every time I open a bottle of it. It has become one of my few heroes. Please shout all 'round to the souls involved in the decisions and labor of this product that it's all or more than they'd hoped. Vasto!!!" 
Andrew, USA – 11/08

"...outstanding wine... Highly, highly recommended!"
N. P., Pennsylvania – 11/08

"...It's a pleasure to find an organic minded winery..."
R. U., Flagstaff, Arizona – 11/08

"I love your wine..."
Judith D., USA – 10/08

"I have been drinking your wine since I’ve been in Missouri this past week and what a pleasure it is!  I am sensitive to sulphites so this is a real treasure for me!..."
Margo M., MIssouri – 10/08

"I recently ordered some of your wine, and my wife and I loved it! Thanks for the fine products..."
Hal H., New York – 10/08

"...I found your photo slide show very enlightening... thank you for this..."
Scott, USA – 10/08

"I live in Ohio and enjoy your organic Chardonnay, which we purchase at our local grocery – Bassett's Market in Catawba, Ohio... Thanks for the enjoyable wine!"
Nathan J., Port Clinton, Ohio – 10/08

"...this Petit Sirah is a very good wine, and an exceptional buy."
Walter S., Enterprise, Oregon - 10/08

"...I have found that a store nearby has 4 of your wines, and I really like three of them and I am very interested in the organic no sulfite part of it.  Good for you!..."
Penelope P., New Hampshire - 10/08

"I found the 2006 Sangiovese at Piedmont Grocery yesterday!... I loved the 2005, I hope the 2006 is as delicious!..."
Cathy C., Bay Area, California - 10/08

"Frey Vineyards wine is the best I've tried. It's so great having sulfite-free wine to enjoy. This company... knows how to provide a great product... I recommend it to anyone who loves good wine. Thanks so much!"
Janene. L., Three Rivers, California - 9/08

"Thanks for the low/no sulfites wines!... I've got a winery that I can turn to, for wines that our family can enjoy with meals, entertaining and relaxing... Please keep up the good work..."
Alex K., San Diego, California - 8/08

"...I wanted to thank you for the wonderful tasting and tour this past Friday. We all enjoyed our visit to Frey and were so inspired by the passion and care you put into your wine. I have been excited to tell friends in the Bay Area about your wine and look forward to drinking the bottles that we purchased. Thanks again!"
Gina M., Santa Clara, California - 5/08

"Thank you so much for finally getting such a fine wine into the State of Mississippi. It has taken me many years of unnecessary headaches to realize that  "added sulfites" were the culprit.  My husband was a wine salesman out of Houston years ago, so whenever we are eating out or just buying a bottle, we ask for and emphasize the "organic" wine menu... I can't thank you enough for getting your product into MS..."
Katherine C., Olive Branch, Mississippi - 5/08

"...When I saw the Frey label with no sulfites that was all I would buy. I have given some to other people, and always recommend it any time there is any discussion about wine."
Marvin Z., USA - 5/08

"Just wanted to let you all know that you make excellent wine! My fiancee and I have purchased 3 bottles of the Cabernet in recent weeks. She was very happy to find an organic red that did not contain sulfites... Thanks so much."
Brian D., Pennsylvania - 5/08

"It's always a pleasure to purchase wine from Frey Organic Wine. I often send gifts of wine to friends and appreciate the friendly and informative Frey web site and Frey's efficient way of doing business. Highly recommended."
Nancy P., King of Prussia, Pennsylvania - 4/08

"...My friends love organic wines and Frey is one of the best... Frey wines are truly recommendable... Their wines are great for people who are interested in Organic Wine. They make excellent gifts from California. I never was disappointed with their product... It has always been excellent. I will always use them for giving special gifts to special friends."
M. Y., Los Angeles, California - 4/08

"Excellent tasting wine!..."
N.G., Diamond Bar, California - 3/08

"We are loving your wines..."
Joey B., USA - 3/08

"Just wanted to let you know that you have resurrected my love of wine... Thank you so much!"
Paula F., Austin, Texas - 3/08

"I wanted to let you know that I tried your Chardonnay and it is absolutely delicious.  I'm looking forward to trying your other wines.  I'm so glad that we have a wine store in my home town of Hicksville, New York that carries your products..."
Joan L., Hicksville, New York - 2/08

"Just want to let you know how pleased we are with your wine.  Not only is it organic, but I noticed it had a unique rose petal aroma!!!  We tried the California Natural Red table wine.  We will try more.  You have an excellent wine..."
Desiree G., Marysville, Washington - 2/08

"I have to tell you , I absolutely love your wine.  I love wine, but found that many wines the next day end up giving me a nervous feeling, headaches, anxiety, you name it. I use to drink red wines, but then thought that perhaps the reds had more “something”.  So I switched to white. In all, nothing seemed to work. Then I came across your wine (Chardonnay), and it was the best tasting wine ever.  Clean, crisp, and without that yellow color or heavy twang taste, it was perfect.  The ultimate test was how I felt the next day. ………..Nothing. I felt great!... Thank you for such a great wine, from a wine drinker who almost gave it up!"
Alicia T., Ghent, New York - 1/08

"I love wine, especially moderate to dry red wine but have discovered that I'm allergic to sulfites.  I purchased my first bottle of Frey Natural Red today at Friar Tuck's in Peoria, IL.  It certainly is appealing.  Now I know I can still enjoy a glass of wine with dinner without a reaction.  Thank you!"
Donna M., Peoria, Illinois - 1/08

"I ordered some of your red and Merlot wine this week, and I received it yesterday in very good condition. It was packaged very well to prevent breakage. We tried the Natural Red last night and it was very good. The taste was very good for being a young vintage. It really warms you up. The taste on the palate is very full-bodied. Thank you, I will be ordering again."
Darlene W., Saint Anthony, Idaho - 12/07

"I am a wine LOVER and have just decided to find organic wines. It makes sense, if you're eating organic, shouldn't you drink organic? I am enjoying one of your reds right now and learning more via internet. I was moved to write because I just finished viewing all of your pictures. WOW! They are gorgeous photos, and I can feel the love that you put into each bottle. It was so enriching to follow the journey from the bud to the bottle! Thank you for doing this! Perhaps one day, I can come out for a visit! Healthfully yours..."
Nancy, USA - 11/07

"...For so many reasons, A gift of Frey wine is the perfect gift to give."
Nancy P., King of Prussia, Pennsylvania - 11/07

"I'm a great fan of Frey Wines & have been drinking them for about 3 years. After sampling all the organic wines in the Rochester, NY area, foreign & domestic, I consider yours the best. Your wines have no peer. I've turned as many people on to your wines as possible & will continue to do so..."
Al K., Rochester, New York - 11/07

"Enjoy all of your wines especially the red table wine. I have been trying organic wines/grapes and yours is the best I have come across! Thanks! Keep up the great and very hard work!"
Dave G., USA - 10/07

"I was very pleased with the wines... I will order again, maybe more bottles this time. great price, great wine. thanks..."
Philip F., Vista, California - 9/07

"Great wines at a great price! I was unsure about trying an organic wine, afraid it would taste too home-made, but their wines are very good. Definitely will buy from Frey again."
Amanda E., Fort Worth, Texas - 9/07

"...thank you so much for your website, it was very informative and really made me want to try your wines. I actually heard about your winery from a DC-area discussion I heard on an NPR show, this morning. A wine critic from Wine Review Online, was discussing sulfites, and he mentioned, off-handedly, your winery as an example of only a handful of American wineries that did not use additionally sulfur dioxide in the wine-making process. This was wonderful and interesting to hear about and I found your website in the afternoon. I look forward to ordering some of your wine for some of our upcoming family get-togethers..."
Seth G., Arlington, Virginia - 7/07

"Great products from a first class vendor. Organic, no sulfite-added wine is the only way to go."
Andrew B., Claremore, Oklahoma - 7/07

"Great tasting, healthy wine at a reasonable price. It doesn't get better than that and you can quote me personally."
Michael Grimes, Redwood City, California - 7/07

"...I have been purchasing your wine thru Trader Joes.  As a lifetime migraine sufferer, I 100% appreciate your sulfate free wines!  I get migraines from regular wine, but your wine doesn't cause a migraine to start.  I was excited to see you had a much larger selection than I've ever found in a store.  I am an organic gardener as well and know the quality and taste difference of organic products!  Thank you again for making wine for people like me!"
Amanda P., Seattle, Washington - 6/07

"I keep buying from Frey for myself and as gifts for my mother-in-law. We both are delighted with the wine."
Clare T., Tukwila, Washington - 5/07

"My husband and I drink wine each and every night – he’s French, so this is a cultural requirement!  We have 10 or so bottles of special Frey wine, and we’ll allow it to age and use it to celebrate something: maybe a beautiful sunset, an “A” on a report card, an excellent dinner, an excellent day of windsurfing...  Anyway, I did want to let you know that we appreciate your wine, and I also appreciate what your family accomplished back in 2003/2004.  I’m speaking of your successful Non-GMO fight.  Our company has joined the Non-GMO project, so I hope we are able to make some small contribution as well..."
Susan P., St. Paul, Minnesota - 5/07

"Just received my shipment of 2006 Pinot Noir and it is excellent! Thank You !!!"
Henry B., USA - 5/07

"I really enjoyed the... wines..."
D.O., Las Vegas, Nevada - 5/07

"The wine is not overly dry and has a great bouquet. Great value. Love being able to purchase good wine, low or no sulfites..."
Barbara A., Friendswood, Texas - 5/07

"Great selection of... wine..."
Robert S., Staten Island, New York - 5/07

"...I am soooooo glad that I found your wine... sooo great to have a nice glass of wine and not cough or get heartburn... and be able to enjoy a nice wine with my girlfriend after all these years.... you guys are the greatest!! I am telling everyone I know about your wine and the benefits of NO sulfites... Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU..."
John M., USA - 5/07

"I have been drinking Frey wines for some time now and was pleasantly surprised when I found you online with the "Living Fresh" show. I can now put names and faces to the sweet taste in those Frey bottles. I am thrilled to have been able to find such a quality wine without all the added chemicals. Thanks to you and your family..."
Caryn C., Easton, Pennsylvania - 4/07

"...have enjoyed your wine for some time now..."
John B., Portland, Oregon - 4/07

"Excellent all the way around. First class..."
Toni A., Lansing, Illinois - 4/07

"...My husband and I... are big fans of Frey wines..."
Anna G., Alpharetta, Georgia - 4/07

"...we convinced our local organic grocery store to stock your wine several months ago. Hurrah! They love it, the rest of their customers love it too, and the store can hardly keep the shelves stocked because it sells out so quickly! Here's to a great growing season, and your continued success - we love your wines."
Judy S., Little Chute, Wisconsin - 4/07

"...We really appreciate your making wines organically and without adding sulfites. It's the only way we can tolerate wine and we are happy to know yours are available..."
Tom, USA - 4/07

" home I drink Frey wine exclusively. I love it. It's quite tasty and I find the no sulfites is the key to no hangovers :)... I love your wine and will continue to buy it locally..."
Wendy, Tampa, Florida - 4/07

"...your wine is awesome. my husband can't drink wine with too many sulfides so with your wine we can enjoy a glass together. Thank you!"
Jennifer M., Copper Canyon, Texas - 4/07

"I am a devoted consumer of your wines. I've been meaning to send an email to thank you for producing such delicious organic, no added sulfites wine for some time... I first discovered your wines in Marquette Michigan at the co-op there... I was delighted when Whole Foods started carrying them here in San Francisco..."
Courtney D., San Francisco, California - 3/07

"...I buy as much organic stuff as possible and I immediately felt a difference after drinking your wine without sulfites. In fact you’ve ruined me! I stopped buying other wines (that I like the taste of) that have sulfites..."
Anthony S., USA - 3/07

"Absolutely enjoy your wine and respect your commitment to the environment and the biodynamic tradition. In addition, my wife is a big fan as well!!!"
William H., Manhattan Beach, California - 3/07

"...I really enjoy your wines..."
Hank B., New York - 3/07

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making a wine I can live with..."
Bob W., East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania - 3/07

"I am so glad to have discovered your organic wines! I love wine but am very sensitive to sulfites, It gives me terrible headaches. Your Mendocino FREY 2005 Organic Zinfandel is DELICIOUS and did not give me headache!"
Jack B., USA - 2/07

"Frey offers a very good wine at a competitive price..."
Gaylan M., Fergus Falls, Minnesota - 2/07

"An overall excellent experience and excellent wines!"
I.W., Alamosa, Colorado - 2/07

"This is the best wine I have ever tasted!"
Clare T., Tukwila, Washington - 2/07

"Since i have allergic reactions from sulfites in wine, one sip will give me a stuffed up head reaction, I was very interested in trying it when I saw it advertised in an organic gardening magazine. I only bought 4 bottles and sorry I didn't buy more... I will definitely buy more in the future... Keep up the GREAT work!!!"
Mary K., Spotsylvania, Virginia - 2/07

"It was well worth trying their organic wines, recommend them for those sensitive to tannins. I've only tried the white and it was very delightful, fruity, and went well with our meal."
Karen L., Clearlake, California - 1/07

"I first sent some wine as a gift to my mother-in-law who said it was the best wine she ever tasted - I bought some for myself and I agree... I am a customer for life."
Clare T., Tukwila, Washington - 1/07

"I am truly impressed with the company and their product."
Pat B., Texarkana, Texas - 12/06

"...I love your commitment to 100% organic, all-natural, purity. I have enjoyed your wines. I really enjoyed your Organic Late Harvest Zin 2002. It was outstanding!..."
John F., Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida - 12/06

"...I'm so happy you are making these wines. I really like your Cabernet!"
M., USA - 11/06

"...I cant say enough good things about the product and the people, thank you."
Cory Z., Mendota Heights, Minnesota - 10/06

"...Wine with no sulfites is hard to find and I am so happy that I found this. Lots of people are allergic to sulfites and now someone has done something about it."
Ronnie G., Decatur, Illinois - 10/06

"I am loving your wines - they are absolutely wonderful. I enjoy a glass each evening. I haven't had wine in over 10 years due to severe sulfite allergies - and I have absolutely no reaction to your wines rated 0 ppm sulfites."
Elizabeth M., Bay Shore, New York - 9/06

"...wonderful product..."
Andrew B., Claremore, Oklahoma - 9/06

"Wow!! Just purchased some of your organic cabernet sauvignon! Never thought PA would carry such a wonderful wine! I thank you, and my head thanks you... Keep up the good work!"
Maureen H., York, Pennsylvania - 9/06

"...About ten years ago I had the chance to visit Frey Vineyards on a visit to the wine country of Northern California; I was so impressed with the fact that you were not using toxic chemicals to clean your vats, and that you did not add sulfites and also refused to use a label stating that your wines were "sulfite free" even though the government said you could. I became a Frey customer exclusively since then, and I have recommended your wine to many folks over the years and will continue to do so. Thanks for being a responsible wine maker, and for producing such wonderful wines!"
Gary N., USA - 9/06

"...this wine is far superior to what its price indicates. The value is an incredible one... I serve Frey wine often and it is always met with the same positive response (also, for those who are sensitive, this wine seems to have less ramifications - or so several I know report to me)... Overall, I would have to say, Frey is one of my one of my absolute favorites - particularly the chardonnay and the petit sirah, in both the organic and the biodynamic..."
Linda E., Jackson, Ohio - 8/06

"...I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how well-pleased I am with your wine... When I purchased several bottles of your Cabernet Sauvignon, the first thing I noticed upon opening the bottle was the absence of that horribly 'yeasty' smell that most wines give off. When I drank the wine, it tasted so clean, and it wasn't bitter like most wines are... Thanks for a wonderful product!"
Lorraine E., Alamogordo, New Mexico - 7/06

"Excellent wine!.."
Jo-Ann S., Portland, Oregon - 6/06

"The quality of Frey wines is excellent!... and every bottle has been excellent!"
Richard F., Benton, Tennessee - 6/06

"...thank you for making such wonderful organic and sulfite-free wine. I'm new to the organic lifestyle and was very happy to find your wines to add to my diet. I love the table white - it pairs so well with my salmon! Again, thank you- you have a lifetime customer with me."
Barbara B., Chicago, Illinois - 5/06

"...Just a short note to tell you that for years I have not been able to enjoy wine because the reaction I get from the sulfites. I recently discovered your wines and I do not get sick at all!!!! Thanks for making this possible."
Giovanna G., USA - 5/06

"...I have only tried two of the bottles, and they were both fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the explanations on their website about why buying organic is a great thing to do. I highly recommend this company."
Deborah H., Tucson, Arizona - 5/06

"... I absolutely love the wine..."
Kathleen R., Wirtz, Virgina - 5/06

"I just have to tell you that I LOVE selling your wines!! Have one customer who has been more than a little bit upset because we can't get the sauv blanc right now. It's the only wine she can drink that doesn't break her out!! Personally, I love the merlot and the zinfandel along with the petite syrah... Thank you for being a great winery and vegan friendly, to boot!"
Judith R., North Carolina - 5/06

"...The 2004 Syrah. What a lovely wine! Thank you... we'll be back."
Catherine L., USA - 5/06

"I just opened a bottle of the 2002 Late Harvest Organic Zinfandel and wanted to let you know how enjoyable it is... The Zinfandel reminds us of your wonderful place and the tasting experience... We have been with you for 20 years and your wines just get better and better..."
Phyllis F., USA - 4/06

"It is very difficult to find Organic Wines in the U.S.A. So, I was delighted to see that Frey produces such vinos! Excellent. The Chardonnay I ordered was received in fine condition. I am enjoying it immensely, especially knowing that it is not loaded with sulfites or other strange stuff..."
Maddi B., Centerville, Ohio - 4/06

Barbara F., Minneapolis, Minnesota - 4/06

"...I thought the wine was quite good and reasonably priced. I'm so happy to know of about an organic winery that I hadn't heard of before. The wine has no added sulphites."
LeAnn B., Indio, California - 3/06

"I am really excited to find a company that produces only organic and biodynamic wines. I am grateful for the appreciation of this winemaker of sustainable agriculture and the proper stewardship of the land they use."
Deborah B., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 3/06

"...If you know someone who values organic/biodynamic products, you can thrill them by sending a gift of Frey Wine. "
Nancy P., King of Prussia, Pennsylvania - 2/06

"Not only do Frey Vineyards have a wonderful product, (the Zinfandel is phenomenal) but I also experienced some of the best customer service I have had anywhere... I applaud this company on both their fine business ethics and their wine."
Jessika B., Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1/06

"You are the best!... I love your stance of supporting the Organic Consumers Association..."
Marina S., Florida - 1/06

"Absolutely Superior Wine. I say that sincerely, as I sip some of your Cab... I've been watching the Frey vineyards grow "from a distance" for quite some time now and I have to say I'm really proud of the way you folks run your business.  Really great product with a lot of integrity.  Like family, like wine.   There's a great deal of praise to be given to those who choose a path in life that will be gentle on the earth that bears us all..."
Cliff S., USA - 1/06   

"...I am a 57 year old retired male who quit drinking beer and whiskey many years ago, but started drinking red wines for health reasons... I can't tell you how much I enjoy your Natural Red organic. It goes with every food I can think of... It seems organic wines are becoming very popular... your prices are too good to believe. Keep up the good work."
R. N., Warren, Michigan - 1/06

"For the first time in my life I had Frey Wine (Cabernet). It was very good tasting..."
N., USA - 1/06

"Yesterday I purchased my first bottle of your wine - "Natural Red". It is really smooth and I love it!  The fact that it is organic and does not contain sulfites is very important..."
Pamela S., USA - 1/06

"The wine was wonderful..."
Anne K., Mesquite, Nevada - 1/06

" wife has long been plagued by head aches after drinking even a small amount of wine. After finding and trying your wine at Whole Foods Market in Dallas she has not had a single head ache. We also found your red table wine at a wine store (Jack's) near our cabin in Mountain Home, Arkansas. We've asked them to stock more varieties and were amazed at the interest in sulfite free wine from the few local customer who were listening in on our conversation. I want to thank you for making wine drinking a pleasure once again for my wife."
Fred S., Texas - 1/06

"Delightful wine..."
Jane B., New Bern, North Carolina - 1/06

"...great tasting wines... My friend gets headaches when drinking red wine or I should say he used to get headaches when drinking red wine - well no more headaches with Frey's no added sulphites wine..."
John C., North Plains, Oregon - 1/06

"The wine taste wonderful!! It is so hard to find wine that is organic AND no sulfates. I drink 2oz red wine for medicinal purposes every night... Great Experience!... the wine makes a great gift."
Melody J., Las Vegas, California - 12/05

"This wine is terrific. After years of not being able to drink wine, my husband can finally have wine."
Aleida L., Orland Park, Illinois - 12/05

"My parents love this wine! I am so happy to be able to send them wine that is organic to accompany food that they grow in their organic garden."
Lisa J., USA - 12/05

"While traveling in New Hampshire last summer I purchased a bottle of Cab Svgn Frey Organic wine.  We thoroughly enjoyed the wine...  We, along with a number of our friends, enjoy organic wines and this is one of the nicest we have had..."
Beverly P., Halifax, Nova Scotia - 12/05

"This was a fantastic price for some fantastic wines and they are being enjoyed during the Christmas holiday season."
Ray H., Corona, California - 12/05

"... I bought a case of Frey Natural Red... It's my favorite. Frey Wine is IT as far as I am concerned when it comes to wine... Thanks!"
David, USA - 12/05

"...I def. tell all my friends/family about it."
Carla W., Lafayette , California - 12/05

"...I love the wines and will be a repeat customer..."
Nicholas W., Huntley, Illinois - 12/05

"Danke Schon... The red wine has a most excellent bouquet. Again Thank You."
Wolfgang G., USA - 12/05

"...I was elated that I could find such a wine... I have been searching for organic, sulfite free wine for a very long time. I have switched the rest of my diet over to organic and additive free, so not being able to drink wine that followed suit really bothered me. I had been able to find organic at Trader Joes, but it still had added sulfites. I haven't tried all varieties yet, however I am happy with the chardonnay. Thank you Frey!"
Susan B., Portland, Michigan - 11/05

"...Because I am allergic to sulfites, I am often seen arriving at social gatherings carrying (and then sharing) my bottles of Frey wine! I shall continue to be a loyal customer."
Erin H., Lakeport, California - 11/05

"...Thanks for being organic!...
Kevin M., Cincinnati, Ohio - 11/06

"...I was very pleased and highly recommend..."
Kathy S., Snohomish, Washington - 11/05

"I have a dear friend who has become very allergic to sulfates in all foods.  We have discovered your delightful wine... have only tried the cabernet and it is super... Thank goodness you are available..."
Sandra C., USA - 9/05

"...Most wine is off limits for me because I have asthma and react severely to most because of the high sulfite and insecticide content in the wines. Yesterday, a lovely day in the North East, I was driving through the countryside from NYC to Philadelphia and stopped to buy wine for the friends I would be having dinner with. Saw your handsome label and thought maybe I can actually drink this wine without suffering consequences. Indeed I could. We shared your Cabernet Sauvignon and to my joy I had virtually no negative reaction. I visit Greece fairly often and can drink the regional wines remaining healthy and quite happy, needless to say. Your wine is just as clean. One feels that this wine is not just non-toxic but is actually good for you..."
Andrea V., USA - 9/05

"I have recently learned that added sulfites to wine has been causing headache problems for me. So I am now enjoying your wines without added sulfites. Thank you!... a special thanks for producing wines with no added sulfites."
Frances T., USA - 9/05

"We bought a bottle of table red outside of Ocean City, MD and loved it. I have been looking for a sulfite free wine and found Frey. Thanks, you and your wine are the best, very smooth and enjoyable..."
Mimi S., Topeka, Kansas - 9/05

"I just wanted to thank you for making a sulfite free product. I am allergic to sulfites and get extremely ill if I have more than a couple glasses of wine. I also have asthma like reactions. The store manager showed me your chardonnay. He carries 2 of your products. I was amazed at the difference I felt and that your wine is organic, chemical free. Praise you for you extra effort in putting out a quality product."
Patty C., USA - 9/05

"...I'm extremely happy with the budget priced Red Table Wine, which I can afford by the case... Thank you!!!"
Donna B., Powell, Wyoming - 8/05

"...I want to thank you for your wonderful wines! Over the past few years, I developed some rather difficult allergies. One of the things I had to avoid drinking was wine and I truly missed enjoying a glass of wine with my husband. Our eldest son, a physician, found this wine in New York City and sent several bottles for me to taste. The last few weeks I have been able to enjoy a glass of wine, and did not think I would ever again be able to enjoy it!! After not having any wine at all for nearly 3 years, it was indeed a pleasure! Thank you so much. My husband has ordered more of your wine and he is now also enjoying it. I would love to travel to California some day to see your vineyards."
Ruth F., Illinois - 8/05

"Excellent wine, I will be a steady customer and recommend to my friends!"
Lynda D., Park Falls, Wisconsin - 8/05

"Your wine is just fantastic, I am so thankful to have found you! I took advantage of your offer to purchase several bottles and our friends were so impressed, as were we, that all of us are ordering for gifts as well as for ourselves. Thanks for your commitment to this kind of quality."Lynn M., Minneapolis, Minnesota - 8/05

"Hey you guys are the best! Finally someone thought of the idea to make Sulphite Free wines for the public. I don't know if wineries are adding more sulphites than two years ago, but out of the blue two years ago, I started getting migraines from just a half of a glass of wine. I didn't think I could be allergic to alcohol, turns out I'm allergic to the sulphites, and a lot of them. 
Now, I can enjoy your Sulphite Free wines without any migraines!! It's a whole new world!!! And I'm spreading the word to my co-workers..."
Sue H., USA - 8/05

"My boyfriend and I have recently discovered your organic wines and they’re wonderful, especially the Pinot Noir. I haven’t been able to drink wine for decades as the sulfites gave me migraine headaches. I’m delighted to report that none of the red wines cause me any problems..."
Claudia J., Wheaton, Illinois - 7/05

"...Not only was that wine a blessing for those of us who have experienced difficulties with sulfites, but your red table wine had an excellent taste, excellent body, and no unpleasant after taste..."
David T., Fort Collins, Colorado - 7/05

"...An added and most important bonus when enjoying your red wines is that my wife has yet to come down with a migraine as she has with other red wines. Whether it is the lack of sulfides or the fact that the grapes are grown organically, or a combination of both, is immaterial. She can once again enjoy drinking red wines without fear of the wine's revenge. Many thanks."
Nick T., USA - 7/05

"Excellent wine! far... zinfindel I've ever tasted!"
Vincent P., Crestone, Colorado - 7/05

Cynthia S., Phoenix, Arizona - 7/05

"Very pleased with the wine..."
Donna B., Powell, Wyoming - 7/05

"...The wines were very good. I had been looking for a good organic wine and I have now found my source. Thank You."
Mary N., Plano, Texas - 7/05

"The wine is excellent and the price was great!!! I have recommended... to several friends."
Barbara D., Orange, California - 7/05

"...I appreciate their wanting to provide the consumer with an organic product and found the prices reasonable and the product quality first class. They also have a great selection. I would recommend Frey Vineyards to any of my friends that enjoy a good wine, regardless of whether they are into organic products."
Kathleen D., Naples, Florida - 7/05

"...Truly enjoyed the Merlot!"
Sandra K., Rio Rancho, New Mexico - 7/05

"...Keep up your good work of growing organic."
Rhoda K., Irvine, California - 6/05

"My father's allergy to sulfates has caused him much suffering preventing him drinking an occasional glass of non-organic wine... For the first time in many years, he was able to enjoy a unique birthday gift of much treasured Organic wine... Thanks!"
Marilyn W., Carefree, Arizona - 6/05

"Your Photo Tour was a joy to experience. Best wishes to your photographer and editor... Thank you for the fine web pages!"
Michael G., New York - 6/05

"A few weeks ago I bought a few bottles of your biodynamic wine and was very impressed..."
Debi Herrington, USA - 6/05

"...We tried your chard and liked it very much. Organic is important to us.  I must say that your presence on the Rainforest site adds a lot to your caring image. Thanks for advertising with them..."
Gina F., Fairfax, California - 6/05

"...I enjoyed the Merlot 2003 wine which had "no" added sulfites." Its taste was very exotic and smooth."
Ranjit S., USA - 6/05

"...I really appreciate your wines. Not just for the bio-friendly approach, but these are some of the best wines I've had in quite some time. In fact, we decanted the Biodynamic Merlot last night and had it with dinner tonight, and suddenly I have a new favorite wine. Thank-you for the wines you make and how you make them."
Debi H., USA - 6/05

"...I look forward to enjoying your wines for years to come. It was good to find an organic and sulfite-free source of supply with such a good range of products."
Bill A., Pennsylvania - 6/05

"This was a delightful discovery..."
Gail M., Austin, Texas - 6/05

"I... have recently learned that wine, in moderate quantity, has a wondrous tendency to revive and invigorate the human being. Ardent spirits exhilarate, but they exhaust the strength; and every dose leaves man the worse. Unadulterated wine, on the contrary, exhilarates and invigorates: it makes him cheerful, and provides for the continuance of that cheerfulness by strengthening the muscles, and bracing the nerves. This is its use and why I’m considering it’s use. I would only consider a pure unadulterated wine with no ardent spirits added for potency, I am delighted to learn that you do not have any sulfites..."
Floyd S., USA - 6/05

"...The wines were very good, especially the Chardonnay. The fact that no sulfites are added to the wines made them even more palatable."
Susan P., Coarsegold, California - 6/05

"Great wines..."
Paul M., Miami, Florida - 6/05

"They were excellent!... I look forward to continuing business with Frey Organic Wine."
Holly K., Boulder, Colorado - 6/05

"...we bought a case of wine. Half the Sauvignon Blanc and half the Sangiovese. It was gone by the end of August. Between sharing with friends and drinking it ourselves, it did not last very long at all... You have spoiled me now!!!... thank you for making this heavenly elixir!! I'm in love..."
Laura R., San Pedro, California - 6/05

"...last night I opened a bottle of your Cabernet Sauvignon, the [no sulfites added] version. It was excellent!  I mean, it was some of the best wines I have ever tasted. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I had, over the course of the evening, three glasses of it, it was so very, very good. I enjoyed it with some black mission figs and some goat cheese and olives, things I can tolerate and that I really love... Cheers to you all for doing what you do!... I used to enjoy fine wines when I was much younger (I am now 51), and it is good to be able to do it once again, at least once in awhile... I do have friends who enjoy wine... I am going to refer them all to your site... Thank you so much for doing such an intelligent thing as making sulfite-free, earth-friendly, agriculture-friendly, organic wines of top quality!... I really hope this will be the wave of the future."
Patricia J., USA - 6/05

"...The fact that your products are organically grown (the grapes, that is), and no sulfites are added is most appealing. A recent trip to Italy has convinced my wife and I that we will no longer drink wine containing sulfites..."
Joe F., Beaumont, Texas - 6/05

"I could not have been more pleased with... the superb quality of their product."
Peggy W., Las Vegas, Nevada - 5/05

"I have been enjoying your wines for some time now... The Cabernet is my favorite. I find your wines to be of good quality and when I enjoy a glass with dinner they do not make me feel hung-over the next morning. Thanks for keeping the organic properties available in good wines. I have tried other organic and sulfite free wines available in this area and find your bottles to be of better quality and taste..."
Jerry S., Ohio - 5/05

"Excellent - very pleased."
Diane R., Bridgeport, Connecticut - 5/05

"The best tasting sulfite free wine available... Quality experience."
Russel F., Newbury Park, California - 5/05

" excellent wine."
Shannon C., Gladbrook Iowa – 4/05

"My wife and I discovered Frey wines on a tour of California a few years ago. Now... it is the only wine we buy."
John B., Portsmouth, Rhode Island – 4/05

"...I am a big fan of your wines and have been drinking them for several years. Please keep up the good work."
Brenda J., USA – 1/05

"...We have served many bottles of your wine over the years and have been very satisfied... We really enjoy your wine..."
Robert S., Aurora, Illinois – 1/05

"...It is so good to know that what we our drinking is pure... Thanks for your hard work, it is worth it!"
Lori M., USA – 12/04

"...[Your] selection of sulfite-free wines has been great for my wife who is allergic. We particularly like the Syrah..."
Ric W., Northridge, California – 12/04

"...I continue to enjoy your quality wines on a regular basis. The syrah I had there was so good that no more could be found in our local stores last year. Delightful."
Doug, USA – 12/04

"A friend just a bottle of your wine as a gift. I was so pleased to see it is made with no sulfites. I have had terrible reactions to sulfites and have been in search of a wine made without sulfites. Now I finally found one."
Cathy C., USA – 12/04

"...the wine is FABULOUS!"
Staci W., Newbury Park, California – 12/04

"...Your "no detectable" sulfites wine will be the only one I will buy in the future."
Ceilia K., USA – 12/04

"Thank you, Frey, for your superb, sulfite-free wines. I had to stop drinking and enjoying wine because of the headache-inducing sulfites in typical wines -- but not so with your wines. You have restored my passion for wine without the headaches! Once more, thank you and God bless you. Your customer for life."
David B., Del Rio, Texas – 11/04

"...thank you for... making no sulfite organic wines. I've truly enjoyed the bottle I have... and keep those organic wines coming!... I'll recommend them whenever I can. I wish you continued success."
Terri G., Simi Valley, California – 11/04

"...highly recommend."
Judith L., Huntersville, North Carolina – 11/04

"We are pleased with the quality of your wines. Thank you for giving us a choice in the market place..."
Evelyn L., USA – 6/04

"I've been enjoying Frey wines for years now, usually your Natural Red..."
Lee S., Brookings, Oregon – 6/04

I purchased a bottle of your Natural Red wine at Trader Joe's in Bellevue, Washington. I was pretty delighted to find it as I am allergic to sulfites and It did not cause a headache..."
Betsy T., Bellevue, Washington – 5/04

"This is the best wine that I have ever tasted and i plan to buy more..."
Ritchie L., Evanston, Wyoming – 5/04 

"I have been a Vegan for about a year now, and recently found out that animal products are used in the winemaking process by many companies. I am so glad to have found Frey Winery, because their wines are all Vegan. They are also very good. My experience was really great, and I would highly recommend Frey."
Rexanne M., Trophy Club, Texas – 5/04

"My mom has allergies to sulfites, she loves your wine..."
Bonnie M., Lakemont, Georgia – 5/04

"...I buy your white organic wine with no detectible sulfides, as I am prone to migraines..."
Diana H., USA – 3/04

"I was impressed to hear about Mendocino County's vote to exclude GMO's as I was listening to Pacifica Radio tonight. By some coincidence I happened to be drinking Frey Cabernet (one of my favorite wines) as Katrina Frey was interviewed about the vote. I just wanted to thank you for your part in promoting organic food and highlighting the need to keep consumers and the environment safe from ill-conceived concepts such as GMO. Keep up the good work and the good wine - I am a bit of a wine snob, having grown up in South Africa's premier wine-growing region."
Greg W., Houston, Texas – 3/04

"I am a person that is particularly sensitive to sulfites. I have not been able to enjoy a glass of wine in several years because I am so effected by the allergy to the sulfites and other additives. For the first time I have thoroughly enjoyed the delicious flavor of your white wine with no adverse consequences! I plan to enjoy your wine on occasion without suffering the headaches, stuffy nose, etc. that comes with sulfites/additives. Thank you!"
Lidy P., USA – 1/04

"I just wanted to thank you for your wine. I am 53 yrs old and since I was 21 have been unable to drink wine comfortably. I would have sort of a hot flash and perspire profusely, my face would turn red and I'd feel light headed with only a couple of sips. I've been eating organic food for the past couple of years and decided to try wine once again when I learned that people can react to sulfites, and some wines are made without adding them. A wine expert at Whole Foods in Dallas suggested I start with your Cabernet Sauvignon and am delighted to report that I had absolutely no adverse side effects. I've now purchased 6 bottles of a variety of your wines. I enjoy them in cooking and I can drink them comfortably. Thank you so much for putting your quality products on the market! This has been life changing for me, and I must say my enjoyment of cooking has improved significantly. You are truly a Godsend."
Carol C., Lake Dallas, Texas – 12/03

"...For someone who likes to drink good wine but can't tolerate sulfites, it's great to have a source to get quality wines..."
M.S., Edina, Minnesota – 11/03

I want to thank you for all the extra effort you put into your wine. Yours so far is the only one I can drink due to the additives in all the others. Not only for that reason... the flavor is better. More like the real stuff before all the additives. Thanks for such a great product. Hopefully, more will realize that there is nothing better than... what mother nature does best. Speed up the process and you lose that gentle harmony."
Karla W., USA – 11/03

"My wife and I have recently discovered the wide variety of your wines when our local Wild Oats store began stocking more than the Merlot that they have usually carried, and we have enjoyed all of them… Many thanks, and congratulations producing such wonderful organic wines."
E.S., USA – 11/03

"...I am one of the many that has allergic reactions after drinking red wines with sulfites added…"
Kris B., Texas – 8/03

"I am extremely excited to hear that you have no sulfites added... Since I am very sensitive to sulfites and also a vegan..."
Patee F., USA – 9/03 

"I am sitting drinking a  glass of your 2001 Petite Sirah, and I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying it.  What a lovely wine!... I always try to buy organic wines... for the sake of the earth, and my health, and the organic industry... Thank you for caring for the earth, and for making such a nice wine."
Ian M., Ontario, Canada – 9/03 

"I was introduced to your Biodynamic Cabernet Sauvignon by a friend and loved it. For years I have not been able to drink wine because of the sulfites. I had no after affects from your wine and will now be able to enjoy it once again. Thanks!"
Nancy Z., Lodi, California – 9/03 

"The wine, as usual, is excellent. I have been buying your wine for over 15 years. I must say, your wines have only improved over the years. My very favorite is Pinot Noir. I have tried a new type, Petit Sirah. It is rich, dark, tannic and peppery. It is delicious and I love it with strong flavored meats."
Phyllis F., USA – 8/03

"I tried a bottle of your 1999 Zinfandel and thought it was terrific. My friend is allergic to sulfites so it is great to find a wine she can enjoy..."
James F., USA – 8/03

"Enjoyed my first bottle of Frey red table wine yesterday.  Excellent!  Glad I found you."
Bruce G., Terre Hill, Pennsylvania – 8/03

"We have been enjoying Frey wines for the last year or so... a great discovery for me since I have been allergic to sulfite wines all my life."
Dave H., Lincoln, Nebraska – 08/03

"My mom gets headaches from sulfited wine. She fell in love with your delicious '02 organic sauvignon blanc..."
Jill S., Youngstown, Ohio – 7/03 

"After purchasing your wine from the local fruit market, I fell in love with it and purchased all the bottles in the store..."
Sheila R., Clinton Township, Michigan - 7/03

"I am very excited to fine an organic wine of this quality. I will continue buying it in the future."
Denise M., Lodi, California – 7/03

"I enjoyed a bottle of this wonderful [Organic Zinfandel] at a restaurant here in Kansas City last night..."
Terry C., Kansas City, Missouri – 7/03

"...The flavor and quality of the wine is outstanding."
Judith P., Omaha, Nebraska – 6/03

"...I am enjoying your Natural Red wine right now, and am very impressed!... It is delicious, and unlike a lot of wine, tastes like it was made from GRAPES, of all things :)..."
Bruce W., Phoenix, Arizona – 6/03

"I enjoy your wines!..."
Holly L., USA - 6/03

"First time drinking no sulfite wines and I am a convert."
Pete, USA – 6/03

"...Thanks for making such great wines."
Dan G., USA – 6/03

"I have just discovered your chardonnay. It is delicious..."
Sharon R., Virginia, 6/03 

"...great organic wines at very reasonable prices... I recommend them to all my friends."
Debra N., Priest River, Idaho – 5/03

"...I recently purchased a couple bottles of your wine in Kona, Hawaii... I was very pleased with the taste..."
Alice T., Huntington Beach, California – 5/03 

"The wines are excellent! I appreciate your dedication to an organic process with no sulfates added. Keep up the great work and innovation!"
David G., Charleston, West Virginia – 5/03

"I am a new customer and I love your wines..."
Christine A., USA – 4/03

"Thank you for your fine selection of organic wines and for producing them through biodynamic farming processes. I have been able to buy and enjoy several Frey wines here in Maryland. Buying organic and supporting organic growers is very important to me."
Judy W., Maryland – 4/03

"The wine is fabulous... Thank you for your efforts in protecting our environment and for producing sulfite free wine!!"
Allison S., Flagstaff, Arizona – 4/03

"...thank you for producing such amazing wines. Having it be organic and contain no sulfites and be absolutely wonderful - this is truly drinking the nectar of the gods."
Mark Z., Santa Rosa, California – 3/03

"...Thanks for no Sulfites..."
Ermelle B., USA – 3/03 

"I was really excited to see that your wine uses organically grown grapes and that no sulfites are added!...The Syrah wine was delightful! Very full bodied and enjoyable! And no headache from the sulfites!...I will be delighted to buy the Syrah wine again and again!...I wish you the best with your winery and many successful years ahead."
Kim R., Indianapolis, Indiana – 03/03 

"...I thank you so much for your dedication to making organic wine..."
Erin A., USA - 3/03 

"Really good wine..."
Tommy J., Newbury Park, California – 2/03 

"I love your philosophy and practice of growing and producing..."
Marc J., Ann Arbor, Michigan – 2/03 

"I have been drinking Frey wines for several years after finding out what caused me to be very ill from regular wines (the sulfites)."
Ray L., Florida – 2/03 

"Thank you so much for making a sulfite free wine! For 3 years now I have not been able to drink wine due to a severe sulfite allergy that leads to anaphylactic shock. I tried checking labels for sulfite information and found few wineries listed any helpful information. I tried trial and error that involved taking a few sips of my husband's glass of wine with my inhaler and medication nearby and never found a wine I didn't have a reaction to. Drinking wine became too much of a risk and much as a missed it I knew it was better for me to avoid wine at all costs. On a random internet search I typed in "sulfite free wine" and came across your website. You can't imagine how excited I was to think I may actually be able to celebrate with others over a bottle of wine again, to toast a holiday, birthday, valentine's day, with something other than grape juice. I found a local retailer who carried your brand and purchased a bottle of your Cabernet Sauvignon and enjoyed it over a romantic dinner with my husband. Thank you so much to you and your staff for allowing me to enjoy this simple pleasure once again."
Jennifer M., Delaware, Ohio – 2/03 

"I recently tried your wine because of [your] processing [methods]. Now, I am hooked..."
Carol F., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 2/03

"My husband is allergic to the sulfites in other wines and hasn't drank wine in 20 years!!  Now he loves the Sirah and the Zin... They are all a gift for him..."
Connie  H., Lincoln, Nebraska - 1/03

"I really appreciate the pioneering steps you are taking to produce organic and biodynamic wines. I hope that along with myself and many others the organic movement will continue to thrive."
Rachael P., Welches, Oregon – 1/03 

"Love that organic, no-sulfites taste."
Blaine P., Los Angeles, California – 1/03 

"I just learned about your organic, sulfite-free wines from my sister who is unable to drink wines with sulfites..."
Ellen J., USA - 1/03

"...Thanks for an organic, sulfite-free product..."
Jenna C., Boulder, Colorado – 1/03

"I felt like Job when my wines were taken from me. You have redeemed me with your sulfite free wines. Excellent nose and taste. Thank you."
Paul L., USA – 12/02

"...My wife and I truly enjoy your fine wines -- and commend you for making organic ones..."
Herbert C., USA – 12/02

"...our daughter in Colorado sent us some of your wines and we find them quite good."
Gene S., USA – 12/02

"...I really like your wines..."
Torre T., Maryland – 12/02 

"Recently I find your excellent products appearing in two of my favorite wine shops..." 
Jim C., Long Island, New York – 12/02 

"We have enjoyed your wines a great deal, and appreciate being able to find a wine without sulfites added... I have recommended your wines to many people. We love the syrah and your cabernet..."
Jan B., Mokena, Illinois – 12/02

My wife is allergic to sulfites and your wines have been a wonderful alternative to the other wines... Thank you for providing such wonderful wines..."
Tim L., Anderson, California – 12/02

"...I recently tasted your red table wine and it was exceptionally good..."
Dorothy L., USA – 11/02 

"... Keep up the good work!"
Michael L., Los Angeles, California – 10/02

" hooked on your wine..."
Nancy B., Port Saint Lucie, Florida – 10/02 

"Thanks again folks... Keep making the good stuff!
Mark D., Las Cruces, New Mexico – 9/02

"...I had the opportunity to taste your Cabernet Sauvignon... and enjoyed it very much..."
Lisa T., Virginia Beach, California – 9/02 

"A friend brought a bottle of Frey Red Table Wine to my party last night.  It was an enormous success..."
Dee K., Sacramento, California – 9/02

"As a wine drinker that is allergic to sulfites, I went years searching for a wine that didn't cause adverse reactions. I found the Frey line at the local liquor store and am happy to say I'm quite impressed! Thanks for the great product!"
Rebecca N., USA – 9/02

"I compliment you on your very fine wines."
Bill P., Florida – 9/02 

"Just got a bottle of your wine and loved it and it didn't give me an allergic reaction from the sulfites like other wines..."
Anna T., Truckee, California – 8/02 

" wife and I are Vegans and we first encountered your wonderful Biodynamic Sauvignon Blanc 1999 at our local health food store... we could not believe how great it tasted. My wife found out by sampling your wine that she did not get a headache and we think this is due to the absence of sulphites. We had stopped drinking wine (which we both love to sip) because it always gave her headaches. Thank you so much for being so caring about your cultivation methods and ESPECIALLY NOT adding sulphites! It just proves that there is not a need for sulphites in wines AT ALL, EVER!"
Randall S., Lancaster, California – 8/02

"I love your wine, my grandmother introduced me to it..."
Lolly M., USA – 8/02

"...I have a good friend who recommended your wine, saying it is the only one she could enjoy, since other wines make her face red! She suspects an allergy to the sulfites..."
Janet M., Mountain View, California– 8/02 

"... I love your Zin and Cab and have been telling all my friends about your great wines."
David B., USA – 7/02 

"I am a long-time Frey wine fan and I drink your wines all the time. I have tried all of the no-sulfite-added wines that I have been able to come across and none of them hold a candle to Frey wines."
Dominic Le F., Portland, Oregon – 7/02 

"I've been using your Zinfandel in my homemade tomato sauce with excellent results."
Mike S., USA –7/02

"I just enjoyed my first bottle of your 2000 Cabernet... It was probably the best organic wine I've tasted... I look forward to more Frey wines!"
Brian R., New Hampshire – 7/02

"We came across Frey wine in Mendocino County. After we tried it we found it to be the best wine and the best value for the money... It is our favorite wine so far. Thank you Frey Winemakers."
Eve E., Westlake Village, California – 7/02

"I am writing to say thank you for producing your line of low sulfite organic wines. I have been unable to drink any red wines for years and years because of the headaches I experienced from wine, sometimes with just a few sips. I never realized what the problem was until one of our friends brought over a bottle of Frey red wine to try as an "experiment." Anyway, the experiment was successful and I can enjoy a glass without any bad after effects. We have been buying Frey wines from our local food coop (PCC ) for a few years now. Every time I drink a glass I am still amazed that I can do so without the accompanying headache."
Charles L., USA – 7/02

"I had to write you about how much we (wife and I and friends) enjoyed your wines..."
Tom D., USA – 6/02

"...My mom loves your wines..."
Greg, Folsom, California – 6/02

"I recently had your 2000 Syrah and thought it was great!..."
Winston C., San Jose, California – 6/02 

"...i have long been a fan of your wonderful organic wines... thank you... for offering quality
organic wines at reasonable prices. You are the best!"
Michelle S., Massachusetts – 6/02 

"...I have tried some of your wines... they were great..."
Steven T., USA – 6/02

"I enjoyed the wine..."
James M., San Bernardino, California - 5/02

"...Great wine!"
William O., Castro Valley, California – 5/02

"This was wonderful wine..."
Pauline O., Westminster, Colorado – 5/02

"The wine was excellent, and really more than was expected... Keep up the good work."
Dean J., Anacortes, Washington – 5/02 

"...frey wine is a very good wine that I would recommend to my friends..."
Scott H., Denver, Colorado – 5/02 

"I really enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc..."
Dennis B., Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 4/02

"The natural white table wine... was a huge success! Last night I had 4 women friends over for Thai meal (fresh spring rolls, salad, Laab, Thai hot and sour soup). It was the perfect compliment to our meal! We loved the fruity taste and the clarity was incredible!... The allergic reactions I would get from the heavily sulfated spirits kept me from wine for many years!... I can hardly wait to try more!... Your organic farming and no sulfites added is a BIG plus for me!...This type of farming helps the whole country and shows real dedication on your part! Thank you very much!"
Patricia G., Bemidji, Minnesota – 4/02 

"...Last week I bought 2 bottles of the Frey wine with no sulfites added and the taste was exquisite, but more importantly no headaches after 1 bottle. I was always looking for that kind of wine with no sulfites added but it was impossible to find. Thanks a million for producing wine without such additives."
A., USA – 4/02

"...GREAT wine!"
Greg S., Camarillo, California – 4/02 

"We had the pleasure of tasting some of your fine wine recently..."
Jack B., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 4/02 

"Thanks for a wonderful No sulfite added wine. I have avoided all wine for the past 25 years because of severe headaches... until a friend suggested I try an "organic" wine. I had a conversation with the liquor store sales person and she suggested that I try a Frey wine because the grapes were not only organically grown but because there were no added sulfites. I was still a little skeptical because of the "naturally occurring" sulfites in the grapes but I gave it a try and I was fine - no headache! What a treat! I love enjoying a glass of wine now. If only these types of wines were offered in restaurants, that would be perfect! If you will start to market your products to restaurants, I will promise to ask for them whenever I'm out to dinner!"
Celine E., Schenectady, New York – 4/02 

"...The 2000 Syrah, by the way - just astonishing! I and a co-worker were hypnotized. The maturity in such a young grape, without sulfites - nice work, really appreciate it. I will definitely recommend the Syrah to anyone who might be skeptical about the intensity of flavors possible without adding sulfites. I am very excited to expose people to this wonderful wine!"
Daniel A., USA - 3/02

"I have been searching and searching for wines without added sulfites, as I'm highly allergic..."
Carolyn P., Rancho Cucamonga, California – 3/02 

" that you are so conscious about wine making, especially with no added sulfites..."
Donna K., USA – 3/02 

"...The wine was good..."
Mary L., Denver, Colorado – 3/02

"I enjoy your line of wines..."
Gia M., Texas – 3/02

"...Please continue to produce an excellent product.  This is the only wine that I can drink since I suffer from migraines..."
Pamela Y., Murfreesboro, Tennessee – 3/02 

"...let me say how much I enjoyed your wine... keep up the good work!"
Preston B., Kentucky – 3/02 

I tried a bottle of your organic sauvignon blanc and it was fabulous... I will no longer buy non-organic wines. I have also shared some bottles with many friends who agreed it was an excellent wine, and like not having high sulfite content. Thank you and keep up the good work!!"
Laura L., USA – 3/02 

"...I was thrilled to find your organic red wines at a reasonable price... I enjoyed the Zinfandel and Cabernet (1999). Both were delicious... Thanks a lot for pursuing an agricultural business that helps people and the planet. I appreciate it."
Barbara H., Mill Valley, California – 2/02 

"We purchase your wines from the Coop in Davis! We think they are great..."
Bob O., Davis, California – 2/02 

"In a world with too many products containing sulfites, hydrogenated oils, sodium benzoate, and other poisonous preservatives, I am so glad I found your wine. I had to search all over Seattle and I finally found your wine at our local PCC store. Even at that "natural" store, your brand was the only one I could find without added sulfites. I am currently sampling your 1999 Zinfandel and am very pleasantly surprised to find a wine without the obvious smell of sulfur masking the natural flavor... Thank you so much and keep up the good work."
Dave B., Bellevue, Washington – 2/02 

"...The wine tastes great."
Howard A., Sacramento, California - 2/02

I am writing you to tell you how much I enjoy your wine. I eat an organic diet, so I was always looking for organic wines. I especially enjoy the Gewurztraminer and the Sauvignon Blanc... Thank you for giving me great tasting wines that don't have the health risks of other wines. I'm a customer for life."
Geoffrey S., USA – 1/02

"I love that there are no added sulfites in your organic wines!"
Abby N., Pensacola, Florida – 1/02

"You're the only place I've found that has organic sulphite-free vegan wine... Thanks for making a wine that I (an organic vegan) can drink."
Sandy F., USA – 1/02

"I have some serious allergies and never thought I'd drink wine again. This was especially 'tragic' since I grew up drinking my uncles, father's and grandfather's home made wine. My grandfather owned a grocery store and used to wake me up at 3am to have breakfast, which included provolone and home made red wine, with him. I enjoy wine with dinner or just relaxing after work and was delighted to find your Natural Red... It reminds me of my childhood and is therefore, special. Thank you for never causing an allergic reaction and allowing me to have this pleasure again in my life."
Anna A., USA – 1/02

"I wanted to let you know that after hearing about your wines on Bob Linden's Go Vegan show, I tried them, and we're all now hooked! I even took a bottle of your wine to some friends' house for Thanksgiving and they all loved it as well. We're all gonna be consistent customers! Thanks so much for making such a great wine."
Pandit N., 12/01

"...Kudos to you and your organic wines!..."
Ken J., Carmel, California – 12/01 

"I have just discovered your wonderful wine (purchased from the co-op here in Seattle)."
Olivia D., Seattle, Washington –12/01

"I recently was introduced to your Red Table Wine & thoroughly enjoy it!..."
Doreen G., Scottsdale, Arizona - 11/01

"...We really enjoy your wine and seeing as I am allergic to sulfates it is doubly appreciated."
Beverly J., Chehalis, Washington – 11/01

"...Your wines are very tasty... Apparently grapes have an abundant supply of antioxidants and phytochemicals that benefit health... The hope is that these are more fully preserved in wine produced without additives from organically grown grapes..."
Charles F., Missouri – 11/01

"I have just had the pleasure of trying your 1999 Biodynamic Chardonnay and I am hooked!..."
Jan T., Michigan – 10/01

"...I will try Frey again..."
Karin, Arkansas – 10/01

"I have to admit this is one of the best wines that I have tasted this year."
Liza H., USA – 10/01

"We very much enjoy your organic wines, particularly the Zinfandel..."
Sam R., USA – 10/01

"My wife is allergic to wines with sulfites. We have been looking for a "sulfite-free" wine..."
Robert M., Stockton, California – 9/01

" I just tried your wines this summer at a wedding in New York and loved them..."
Karin M., Chicago, Illinois – 9/01

"I was introduced to your wines in Florida and, for the first time in 20 years was able to partake again because your wines have no added sulfites (to which I am deathly allergic)... I am a strong advocate of your products..."
Joan K., Riverside, California – 9/01

"...I enjoy your wines a great deal!"
Sue R., Suffolk County, Long Island, New York – 8/01 

"We love your wines!!"
Lowell, Sacramento, California – 8/01

"...Thank you for the organic non-sulfide wines! It's great to have a choice!"
Bonnie D., USA – 8/01 

"I had a bottle of your wine just last night.  It was great! I am very interested in the making of wine with no sulphites."
Kellie B., Olympia, Washington – 8/01

"No added sulfites" makes a big difference in taste - keep up the good work... My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed your organic and biodynamic wines..."
Greg H., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 8/01 

"I will recommend these wines to many of my patients. Thank you for all your efforts."
James F., Kansas City, Missouri – 8/01

Ilona P., Redwood City, California – 8/01 

"Great wines!"
Julie M., Janesville, Wisconsin – 8/01

"I'm so very happy that your wines are totally vegan!... I bought one bottle of each - your Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel! They are wonderful wines... I probably will be buying and enjoying your wines for the rest of my life..."
Silke B., USA – 8/01 

"What a wonderful thing you are doing..."
Gabrielle H., Las Vegas, Nevada – 8/01 

"...thank you for being earth friendly!"
D. F., Florida – 8/01

"I will be ordering Frey Organic Wine again. It was really good, crisp and healthier."
Jean C., Bear Valley, California – 8/01

"...After trying a bottle with our friends we bought a case and a half..."
Cathy L., Payson, Arizona – 7/01 

"The wine is great!"
Meredith P., Borrego Springs, California – 7/01 

"I recently enjoyed one of your wines for the first time. I had given up drinking wine for quite a while because I make a real effort to only consume organic food and drinks. Wines also usually give me a headache the next day. Well, I finally found a store (a local co-op) that carries organic wines so I bought yours. I really liked it and had no headache the next day!... Thank you very much. And thank you for being organic!"
Caroline L., Boston, Massachusetts – 7/01 

" grateful I am to be able to drink wine and use wine in my cooking. This would not be possible for me without you and some other wineries who do not use sulfides. In 1997, after I had moved from Germany to the US, I ran into a lot of problems with the food over here. It took me quite some time to figure out that I was allergic to sulfides. I really have to stay away from everything that has sulfides added to it. I buy your wine at whole foods market in Seattle and for me it is the best wine of all. It is wonderful to be able to drink wine without sulfides that is [just] as good as the really good ones with sulfides..."
Karolin H., Seattle, Washington – 7/01 

"...I have been a customer of yours for several years now and enjoy many of your fine products. I have a sulphite allergy..."
D.W., USA – 7/01

"We love your organic wines... Thanks to all of your family for making such a fine product."
Maureen Q., USA – 6/01

"A friend who is aware of how my sulfite allergies have limited my wine enjoyment just pointed out your website. Oh, Joy!..."
Elaine A., Livermore, California - 5/01

"...Thank you for your wisdom and reverence towards nature in your farming methods."
Anne M., USA – 5/01 

"...we enjoy your zinfandel."
Brian H., San Francisco, California - 5/01

"Your organic and biodynamic processes make all the sense in the world and I will be making a better wine choice when selecting my next bottle as I will be choosing Frey..."
Patricia W., USA – 5/01

"I recently enjoyed a bottle of your Cabernet Sauvignon and was very impressed."
Gil T., USA – 5/01 

"...My parents... enjoyed the wine for their 50th wedding anniversary..."
Sandra H., Prescott, Wisconsin – 4/01

"I love your wine..."
Heather D., East Coast, USA – 4/01

"...We all had the pleasure of enjoying your wine..."
Deborah C., Penticton, British Columbia, Canada - 3/01

"My wife and I both enjoy your wines very much. We find it very interesting that you can make great wine and be organic. What a plus!..."
H., USA - 3/01 

"Thanks for making sulfite free wines!"
Susan S., Coarsegold, California – 2/01 

"Thank you for delicious wine that is good for us and for the earth."
Debra N., USA – 2/01  



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