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Organic Wine Serving Tips

Pouring Frey wine in glass

Helpful Tips for Organic Wine Event Planning 

Organic wine is a wonderful addition to many occasions.  Here are some tips for serving wine that will make pouring for any-sized group an enjoyable and successful experience:

Wine Quantities:

Wines and Temperature:

The flavor of a wine changes dramatically depending on the temperature.  Below is a basic guide for suggested serving temperatures and a few options for measuring temperatures at events.

Dry White Wines:  Frey Whites, Rosé and White Zinfandel  45-55 F
Light Red Wines:  Pinot Noir, Charbono, Frey Natural Red 54-57 F
Heavy, Full-Bodied Red Wines:  Cabernet, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Merlot  59-68 F

We recommend investing in a wine thermometer to help you determine when your wine is at optimal drinking temperature.  Many options are available from about $15 and up.  Some thermometers are inserted through the top of the bottle after corking.  There are also inexpensive infrared thermometers that provide quick readouts.

When serving white wine, keep it chilled until immediately before serving, either in a refrigerator or on ice.  Bottles to be left on tables should be chilled before setting the bottles out.  Always take into account the location of your refrigerator and whether or not you will need ice.  When using ice, always have plenty on hand and remember to set up an attractive ice bucket or trough.  

Always have an extra corkscrew!

If you will be pouring wine for others, taste the wines before you begin pouring.  A quick taste will familiarize you with the wines.  Tasting also allows you to determine that the wine is sufficiently chilled.


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