Healthy green grass growing in toxic-free organic wine vineyard.

Toxic-Free Organic Vineyards

Frey Organic Wines are made from 100% Organic and Biodynamic® grapes, grown by our family and other local family farms.  We keep the wines pure by not adding sulfites or other additives during the winemaking process.  Our winemaking methods preserve the delicate flavors of the fruit, allowing the wines to express their terroir – the character of the soils and climate that produced them.  The success of Frey Organic Wines is directly related to the superior quality of chemical-free wines made from organic fruit grown on chemical-free farms.

Preventing the introduction of toxics into the environment is important for many reasons.  One that might not be immediately apparent to many is the issue of pesticide residues in food and beverage products.  A study released in March 2008 by Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN Europe) found that measurable levels of pesticides can be identified in wine.  The study found that 100% of non-organic European wines tested contained pesticide residues, with one bottle containing 10 different pesticides.

Conventionally farmed wine grapes are exposed to a wide range of pesticides, including fungicides, insecticides and herbicides.  Of the top 50 pesticides used for the production of wine grapes in California, 17 are listed as “Bad Actors” by the Pesticide Action Network (PAN).  The term Bad Actors is used by PAN to identify a “most toxic” set of pesticides and are at least one of the following: known carcinogens, reproductive or development toxins, known groundwater contaminants, and pesticides with high acute toxicity, as designated by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and listed in California’s Proposition 65 list.

California’s Pesticide Use Reporting system requires farmers to submit monthly data on pesticide use to their county agricultural commission.  In Mendocino county, where our vineyards and winery are located, an average of  4.28 lbs per acre of non organic products are applied to the average wine grape vineyard.  Using this figure we estimate that Frey Vineyards’ organic farming methods have prevented over 12 thousand pounds of toxic chemicals from entering our soils and waterways over the last 28 years.

At Frey Vineyards, we make organic and Biodynamic® wine to provide our customers with a delicious, high-quality beverage, but also to help people make healthy choices about the foods and beverages they consume.  We support the work of groups like the Pesticide Action Network, National Campaign Against the Misuse of Pesticides, Beyond Pesticides, Organic Consumer Association, Wild Farm Alliance, and the Organic Center.  These organizations work tirelessly to educate policymakers and citizens about the benefits of organic agriculture and the risks of chemical exposure for people and the environment.  Please check out their websites for cutting edge information on organic agriculture, your personal health and more!

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