Paul Frey, vegetarian organic winemaker, slicing watermelons.Frey Organic Wines are Vegan Wines, as well as Gluten Free: No Animal or Gluten-Based Fining Agents are Used

At Frey Vineyards we have made a commitment to formulate all of our Organic wines without using any animal byproducts in the winemaking process.

What are Fining Agents?

Since ancient times, fining agents have been added to a barrel or tank of wine to help clarify and stabilize the wine. They drift through the wine, pick up solid matter, and eventually sink to the bottom of the container. Common fining agents include hydrolyzed wheat gluten isolate, pea protein isolate, casein (milk protein), gelatin, egg whites, fish glue, and natural bentonite clay. Once the fining agent settles at the bottom, the clarified wine is siphoned off the top, leaving behind the residue, which is discarded. Although no trace of these products is found in the bottled wine, some consumers may object to their use. At Frey Vineyards we use only bentonite, a natural earth clay, as the fining agent for our white wines. (Frey red wines are not fined).

Our promise to our customers is to continue to produce completely organic wines, made from carefully tended grapes and free from any additives. Our winemaker Paul Frey (in photo above) is vegetarian, as well as several other family members.