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Frey Vineyards


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How long can I hold on to my bottle of Frey Wine, made with no added sulfites?
We recommend drinking Frey red wines within 7 years of vintage and Frey white and rosé wines within 3 years of vintage.

We make our wines in a "New World", fruit-forward style and craft them to be soft and drinkable as soon as they hit the market.  We do not recommend aging our white wines.  For reds, if you prefer to hold on to a bottle, a good rule of thumb is that the darker, heavier, more tannic varietals (Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Petite Sirah) lend themselves better to aging than medium-bodied or light wines (Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, and our Natural Red).

We recommend 7 years from vintage as a safe limit, although we have had great experiences tasting some of our older reds.  A 1999 Zinfandel and a 1992 Cabernet that we tasted recently were wonderful.  In early 2009 we heard from folks who tasted a bottle of our 1982 Cab, which they enjoyed. 

Q. What is the best way to store Frey Organic & Biodynamic Wines with no sulfites added?

Q. After de-corking a bottle to enjoy one or two glasses, how can I preserve the wine for several days longer?
There are many ways to prolong the good taste of the wine after first opening the bottle.  The simplest is to pour the wine you want to drink, then seal it again with the cork or a vacuum seal, and put it in the fridge or a cool place. 

Contact with oxygen in the air will change the taste of any wine within a day. A big step up from the above methods is to displace the oxygen in the bottle by using a wine preserving inert gas, then seal it in with the cork. There are many such wine preservers on the market

Q. Is Frey Wine Kosher-certified?
Sorry, we do not make Kosher-certified wine.